This portable PlayStation 4 is a real piece of art

Check out the portable working prototype of the portable PlayStation 4 that could give gamers a whole new experience. The newly-finished creation by a Japanese technician fitted in a small suitcase that took 10 months to build weighs about 6.4 kg.

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The portable PlayStation 4 can be charged using an adapter like a laptop and allows users to play for up to an hour. Sony already has a portable gaming console which hasn’t really matched users’ expectations as such. Could be the reason why many gamers were anxious about this cool innovation and were already asking the creator whether there would be a commercial version and how much it would be.

The brain behind this innovation known as DX Terraria on Twitter shared pictures and videos via the app displaying features on the exterior and interior.

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What features does the portable PlayStation 4 have?

The viral video of the portable PlayStation 4

From the video, you can see that he managed to reassemble the entire PlayStation 4 set up inside a small suitcase with a working screen and a DVD player inside.

The cover on the top of the console is fixed with a magnet which makes it easy to remove the game disc from the set up to change the game disc.

It weighs 6.4 kilograms which is about the same weight as the PlayStation 5. Not only did it take 10 months to build, it also cost the creator $753. Though it might never actually be sold as the Japanese creator didn’t put a price on it, he said it would cost about $1446.

Apparently, there is some hope that he could go on to work on a portable PlayStation 5 too some time in the future. It is no shock that the news of such an innovation got gamers excited as many would love nothing more than to get the full gaming experience anywhere anytime. This though is something Sony has still failed to achieve with its portable gaming console the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

When you compare the Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony PSP 3000, of course the PlayStation 4 takes the lead with its multitude of advantages over the PSP 3000.

While the PSP is thinner, 2.61kg lighter and portable the PlayStation 4 has CPU speed that is 38.44x faster, 7.94GB more memory, has 173.4GB/s higher memory bandwidth, can connect to an external drive, and has a replaceable hard drive.

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