A rundown of this week’s tech news

An insight into this week’s tech news reveals great news like the shift of NIRA’s services to online platforms, donations made by SafeBoda to its riders, Letshego Uganda unveils the LetsGo app to serve customers better and a follow up on the second season of 40Days 40Fintechs.

NIRA grants access to services through the NIRA website: In an announcement made recently, NIRA said that services like booking an appointment, confirmation of information, tracking status and more will be available through the NIRA website.

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SafeBoda donates food supplies to over 3000 drivers: This initiative has been done in partnership with parties like Yuvraj TVS, to whom Ricky says SafeBoda is highly indebted. TVS contributed over 500 bags of 5kg maize flour to this cause. This donation activity was administered on 12th/July/2021 at the SafeBoda Academy in Kyebando where drivers were provided with a package of maize flour and beans for them and their families.

A look at the impact of internet tax on businesses: At the Impact of Digital Taxation on Digital Rights workshop, Ron Kawamara CEO of Jumia Uganda said “It is difficult to scale e-commerce in Uganda with high digital taxes.” These taxes are an obstacle to the growth of the economy and a huge block in the way of digital penetration in the country since the taxes are regressive. The burden is left to the citizens requiring them to pay despite the income inequality gap.

CEO Ron Kawamara
CEO Jumia Uganda, Ron Kawamara

Letshego Uganda unveils brilliant new app for customers: Roger Mugisha, Head Corporate Communications at Letshego says with the LetsGo app, Ugandans, starting with civil servants under the brand’s established Deduction at Source (DAS) model, will be in charge of their finances digitally. “Companies are in a constant cycle of creating and monetising value. Digital transformation fundamentally changes how companies create, monetise and defend value-giving companies the much-needed competitive edge. While digital transformation is important, the first step is to understand what digital transformation means to your company depending on its maturity, industry, competition, value chain and ecosystems.”

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