To be verified or not to be verified: Unpopular opinion

This (edited) article is by Ssuna Ronald, a Digital Communication expert, questioning the processing of getting verified on social media. To be verified or not to be verified: unpopular opinion!

Today I get to share my sentiments about why I stopped being unhappy for not having a verified social media account or page. Self-awareness is one of the saving angels that got me out of this depression.

I might be new to some of you or perhaps you might just land on this post re-shared by a friend. Allow me to introduce myself. I have 7 years of experience as a Digital Marketing professional with a background in broadcast media in my home country Uganda. Ugandans are one of the most social & fun-loving people in Africa and we’re proud of it. That’s who I am.

Oftentimes my close friends still wonder why my pages/accounts aren’t verified, a question that started from the day I successful got a page verified (in 2015). In my career as a digital marketing / Social media expert I’ve had opportunities of having close connection with people / some turned friends working at Facebook, Twitter & Google.

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So why am I not verified?

Honestly, it’s the same question that finally cut skin deep making me restless on a hunt to have my page and account verified. Previously I would digress from the conversation or ask them to give me reasons why they think I should have the blue badge. I did not fancy it for personal use, neither had I submitted my pages for the past 5 years in my career. But this time was different, I had close connections to these companies in which I’ve helped about 15 – 20 page owners acquire the converted blue badge.

When the depression & Insecurity kicked in

Guys my page verification requests were rejected in the review stages because they felt I didn’t reach notability standards hence I couldn’t qualify. Funny & not cool for digital marketing practitioners, right? I have received similar reports when I’m handling clients but this was personal so it hit-hurt-hearted. Then I realized my intentions were to feel Nobel, a sense of satisfaction that people could recognize me as someone Facebook knows or rather consider professional. This was the insecurity I was feeding.

As one of the early digital marketing professionals in my country there was no academy or course that introduced me to the business of managing brands, so why did I feel a badge could elevate my pitch? A very misguided thought escalated by peer pressure and this is when I realised I was battling with acceptance within the industry which was a wrong mind-set that got me depressed.

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In conclusion

I’m not against your pursuit or desire to get verified especially if your page is eligible. Find out what it means to be eligible for verification on Facebook over here. However, in my new walk of life, I’ve realized we tend to idolize and feed our egos with such wants, things which might make us become proud, ambiguous, and self-important which is against the character God wants for man as stated in 1 Corinthians 1:31, Leviticus 26:18–19, Jeremiah 49:16. When you see my accounts with the blue check mark, don’t judge me – lol but I wouldn’t++ be bothered if I don’t have it cause I’m a happier man even with or without it.

The author is the host of the PowerTalks Podcast which covers Media & Business in Technology from Uganda. The original article is here.

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