Users could pay about $2.99 for Twitter subscription feature

Twitter has been quite busy since the end of last year testing a number of features that it promises to roll out very soon. One of the highly anticipated features is the promised Twitter subscription feature where users will be required to pay about $2.99 (Shs 10,600) to get access to premium content. This is especially exciting because users will get content that’s clutter-free.

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Twitter subscription feature will give access to exclusive content

We have all observed how the majority of apps today have created premium features that can only be accessed at a fee. These features usually promise ad-free content for users also giving them exclusive access to cool features that users can enjoy. Twitter is currently working towards this detail to make users part with a small fee and get a better experience through the platform.

The Twitter subscription feature that is still being tested could be called Twitter Blue and priced at $2.99 per month. There will be a “Collections” section that allows users to save and organize their favourite tweets to make them easier to find at a later date. The feature is expected to auto-renew anytime however users can cancel anytime.

The Twitter subscription feature will be based on a tiered pricing model which means that one tier could contain more features than the other. For example, users on higher-priced tiers could enjoy premium experiences, such as clutter-free news reading experience.

Along with the Twitter subscription feature, users could expect exciting changes in the Bookmarks feature as the app is working on Bookmark Collections. With these, users can create different folders in the bookmarks section which makes it easy to search for them when someone needs them.

It will also include an “Undo Tweets” feature, which will give customers a short time to “Undo” a tweet that has a mistake before it’s actually posted on the social network. The Tweet Undo period looks to be customizable, so users can set their preferred interval for when they want the tweet to disappear.

Twitter will make it possible for users to select where the Undo Tweet Feature will be applied with options that include original tweets, replies, tweetstorms, and quote tweets.

Another twitter feature in the pipeline

The tip jar is a feature where anyone who is in the initial test group can add links to select third-party payment services to their main Twitter profile. People can support them by sending them monetary tips via those third-party payment services. In simple terms, people can make money through the app and Twitter will not even make any deductions on these payments.

For people on iOS and Android, you’ll see the icon on the profile pages of people in the initial test group. For people on Android, you’ll also find it on their profile while in Twitter Spaces.

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