Uganda Police to establish a biometric system worth Shs15.2 billion

UGX15.2 billion is the amount needed by Uganda Police to establish a biometric system that will ease the law enforcement process through tracking and identifying criminals. The use of biometrics cuts far and wide from using them in mobile banking, airport security, businesses, schools and the most fascinating of them all law enforcement. Biometrics are heavily relied on because of the high level of accuracy they provide when identifying people.

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Why the need for Uganda Police to establish a biometric system?

AIGP Edward Ochom, the Police Director in charge of Operations said that the Uganda Police will need about UGX15.2 billion to acquire the Criminal Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS) throughout the country. He further said,” The CABIS system will need to be rolled out countrywide in all the 161 policing divisions and districts at a cost of UGX 95 million per policing division or district” according to NilePost news.

Sufficient funds are required for Uganda Police to establish a biometric system at different police stations in districts all over the country. This will ease law enforcement processes when it comes to catching criminals since biometrics will make it easy to track them.

Maj Gen. Loketch, the deputy Inspector General of Police said, “Our major focus as the Police management is to rebuild and transform the Uganda Police Force into a modern, professional, service-oriented, pro-people and effective institution. Key among the challenges has been the capacity gaps in terms of use of robust scientific methods of intelligence gathering and crime investigation, the application of robust scientific methods such as these commissioned will enhance capacity to investigate transnational crimes, cybercrimes, trafficking in drugs and persons, human sacrifice, trading in wildlife and their products, environmental–related crimes, proliferation of small arms and light weapons.”

The Uganda Police use biometric data and solutions to help them recognize criminals and investigate crimes more efficiently. Biometric systems can allow the force to capture, store and process fingerprints, palm prints and facial images electronically.

CABIS (Congent Automated Biometric Identification System) would help the police to trace the distinguishing features of fingerprints, palm prints and facial photographs and use them to speed up the matching process. In addition, the Customer Resources allow forensic analysts to establish identities and to provide reliable proof that can help the prosecution of convicted persons.

Technological solutions have become the way to go regarding catching criminals by police forces and security agencies world over. Apart from being highly accurate, these tech solutions that use biometrics are also highly secure and are capable of keeping private information secure. Security in Uganda continues to be highly prioritized and this is the reason why there is need for Uganda Police to establish a biometric system as addition to those that are already in place.

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