Waape is transforming the job-seeking landscape one youth at a time

Everyone can relate to the fact that looking for a job nowadays is a universally frustrating experience. From numerous rejections to just being unable to get work due to the stringent credentials required for these positions. Waape is creating a way for young people that are left out of the employment scene simply because of these qualifications to get access to opportunities.

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The issue of unemployment has continued to grow over the years but could we be seeing possible solutions to the ongoing issue? Could there be a way for youths to overcome the tight requirements like experience and still get access to opportunities that will help them grow? Thanks to platforms like Waape, youths have the chance to get connected to their next employer.

Waape directly tackles the issue of tight requirements to get jobs by allowing anyone with a skill or a service that they can offer to find a job or gig by connecting them to employers that are in need of talent. It has revolutionized the job-seeking environment by creating opportunities for freelancers as well.

With the upcoming Waape expo launch scheduled for the 26th, Waape will unveil latest changes to the website and improvements that are towards its goal. We got in touch with Natasha Umwiza, the CEO of Waape to give us some insight about the operations of Waape and what to expect from the expo.

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Natasha Umwiza, CEO of Waape

What is Waape?

Waape is an online platform that acts as the bridge between you and what you want. Is it a job, gig, employee, freelancer, contractor and others. As long as someone has a service they can offer because Waape is trying to do away with the thing that only those with academic qualifications can get jobs because academic qualifications are important. But the main focus is are you able to do what you say you can do?

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What products can one access through the platform?

For now, we are only doing the part where we let the providers see the talent and then the requesters see the people that need these services. However, for the expo, we shall see host other startups and give them an opportunity to show themselves and it will be part of the expo launch. What we have, there are not exactly extra services but we have social media handlers and that is part of the talent that we offer. So if you’re out there and want to do online marketing but you don’t have time for your social media pages we also have providers who do that.

What should people look forward to on the day of the expo on 26th?

On 26th June, like I’ve told you, for a while, we’ve been trying to develop a more automated platform now that is the day we are going to release that feature. So people should be looking out for is getting a feel of how the feature works and how it looks like, how they can make use of Waape and what exactly Waape does. But apart from that, we are also going to be hosting other startups and get to see what other young people are doing and the services they offer. It will be an expo for all these other businesses.

The most exciting part is the part of the talk panels, we are going to be having about 8 talk panels where we shall have representatives from these tech startups speaking about issues pertaining youth, employment, entrepreneurship and survival on the job market and all these things that we as youth need to know in order to remain relevant in the job market.

The Waape expo launch

On 26 June 2021, Waape releases a new talent matching platform empowering entrepreneurs to use their business challenges as an opportunity to get matched, engage and hire skilled talent. You can get yourself a ticket to the launch via http://waape.ug to attend a virtual launch happening on 26th this month.

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