What is a reading list on Google Chrome?

One of the best things about the internet is the vast amount of knowledge you can find while you browse.Well, there’s a way to save all your favourite pages on a reading list on Google Chrome. Sometimes, you need to save some things for later and catch up with them another time, but you might not know how to.

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What is a reading list on Google Chrome and how to use it?

A reading list is a list of things to read. It’s similar to bookmarks, which we’ve used in web browsers for years, but with a more targeted reason. You can add an article or story to your reading list instead of saving it in a folder with your bookmarks. When you’re logged into Chrome, this list syncs to your Google account, so it can be found on your laptop or phone. This makes access to bookmarks a little smoother.

One of the best things about the reading list is the ability to read pages offline although you need the internet to add them to the list. This offers a bigger advantage over saving pages in bookmarks since you won’t be able to view these ones without an internet connection.

You may find an online article which sounds intriguing, but at that point you don’t have time to read it. Just put it in your reading list, and when you’re ready it will be there.

How to use a reading list on Google Chrome on your desktop.

Using the Reading List is the same as bookmarking a web page. At the time of this writing, it’s available in Chrome on the desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and for iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t on Android

First, navigate to a webpage that you would like to save for later. Clock the star (bookmark) icon on the right side of the address bar.

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A menu with two options will appear. Select “Add to Reading List.”

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It’s as simple as that to add to your Reading List.

Now, to access the Reading List, you’ll need to have the Bookmarks Bar visible. You can do that by typing Ctrl+Shift+B or going to Settings > Appearance > Show Bookmarks Bar.

The Reading List can be found on the far right side of the Bookmarks Bar. Click it and you’ll see all your saved articles in a list.

The list is organized by “Unread” pages at the top and “Pages You’ve Read” at the bottom. You can also see how long it’s been since the pages were added/read.

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Mouse-over a page to mark it as read/unread or remove it from the Reading List.

That’s all there is to using the Reading List on Google Chrome on the desktop.

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