What’s new on Netflix this weekend?

If you are wondering what is new on Netflix this weekend, well it is fully stocked for those that are fans of documentaries, with an amazing show from the writers of the Spanish-hit series Money Heist, some anime and great family shows to take you through the weekend.

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Movies and shows that are new on Netflix this weekend

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

The documentary is about a notorious college admissions scandal of 2019. “Stranger things” actor Matthew Modine acts as William “Rick” Singer the conspiracy’s mastermind. Operation Varsity Blues recreates real wiretapped evidence of Singer’s conversations with successful families (for clarity, some scenes are “combined” or “edited”). Singer’s goal was to secure wealthy individuals’ “donations” to his “foundation,” the true purpose of which was to bribe university admissions officers on behalf of his clients and their children. The documentary follows Singer from his criminal beginnings to the aftermath of the Justice Department’s wide-ranging arrests in the titular bribery case.

Waffles + Mochi (Season 1)

Waffles + Mochi is a great edutainment show for children featuring Mrs. Obama as the co-lead. It will remind you a little of Sesame Street from when we were kids filled with the enchantment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Each episode of Waffles + Mochi introduces young viewers to a new delicious treat, such as tomatoes, mushrooms, and corn. Waffles (voiced by Michelle Zamora), and her small friend Mochi (voiced by Piotr Michael) guide audiences through this awe-inspiring and humorous world of new flavors and lively colors. The best friends travel the world to learn about the day’s fruit or vegetable — and then put it to use in the kitchen. Mrs. Obama makes several appearances throughout the show as the manager of the grocery store where Waffles and Mochi work after abandoning their frozen food at home.

Country Comfort (Season 1)

Also new on Netflix this weekend is a show that features Katherine McPhee as Bailey a failed musician. Bailey ends up on the farm of Beau (Eddie Cibrian), a free-spirited cowboy dad to five children, after fleeing her stalling relationship/musical partnership. Over the course of ten episodes, Bailey reassembles herself while discovering her voice with Beau and his shockingly talented family.

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Sky Rojo (Season 1)

If you loved Money Heist, then you are going to love this Spanish series centred around the lives of three sex workers on the run. The grim lives of three sex workers: Wendy (Argentine superstar Lali Espósito), Gina (Yany Prado), and Coral (Verónica Sánchez). After a series of blood tragedies at their place of business, Las Novias Club, the women are forced to flee. Sky Rojo reveals the backstories of its main characters as they escape their criminal pursuers. Multiple authors from Money Heist (aka Casa de Papel) and White Lines contributed to the series.

Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American

Some comedy stand-up is among the shows new on Netflix this weekend featuring Nate Bargatze, a touring actor who has been active throughout the COVID-19 period. The special focuses on Bargatze’s life as a husband, the fact that aliens now exist, and much more.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Season 3) 

Another show that portrays how an industry responded to the pandemic under the new normal. The explosive personalities of Formula One racing, pressed to their breaking points by a global health crisis. Season 3 of Drive to Survive follows several drivers and their teams during the 2020 season, which is filled with masks and requires two meters of separation. The series is led by handsome, fast-driving men like Romain Grosjean, who nearly died in a fiery race track accident last year, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc.

The Lost Pirate Kingdom (Season 1) 

Something else that’s new on Netflix this weekend is Lost Pirate Kingdom, is a docuseries about this time period, with context provided by informed narration and historical experts. The period-appropriate set pieces serve only to set the scene. Lost Pirate Kingdom tells the story of piracy from its origin to its bloody end in six episodes.

B: The Beginning (Season 2)

This is a Japanese-language fantasy mystery anime about Cremona, a fictitious nation in a technologically advanced world. The characters of B are Koku (Yki Kaji) and Keith Flick (Hiroaki Hirata). The former is an allegedly mild-mannered man, while the latter is a smart Royal Investigation Service detective. When a serial killer known as “B” leads Cremona into panicked chaos, the two are brought together. After the initial mystery is solved, Season 2 picks up with Koku and Keith. Now, B must deal with Keith’s abduction while still following Koku as he continues to comprehend his supernatural fate.

Get the Goat

A Brazilian-Portuguese language buddy comedy about two mismatched police officers is also something new on Netflix this weekend. There’s Bruceuilis (Edmilson Filho), a country cop, and Trindade, a big city office clerk (Matheus Nachtergaele). Bruceuilis and Trindade join forces to save Celestina, a holy goat (hence the name). The pair’s mission drags them into a much larger criminal scheme, which they deal with through a series of ridiculous pranks.

With a variety of shows all new on Netflix this weekend for you to select from, your weekend surely promises to be amazing and fun-filled.

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