WhatsApp to slowly lose functionality for users who don’t accept terms

After a terrible start this year, WhatsApp was forced to push the deadline for its users in regards to when they had to accept the new terms of service. The popular messaging platform has now picked a new strategy for WhatsApp to slowly lose functionality for those who don’t accept the updated terms.

Users will persistently receive the notification to accept the new terms of service as stated in January. The ultimatum given was that many would risk losing their accounts and data if they did not accept. Now WhatsApp has stated that accounts will not be deleted but the messaging app will start to lose functionality for many of the users.

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Deadline relaxed but WhatsApp to slowly lose functionality

WhatsApp will continue to send the notification for users to accept the updated terms of service for a good number of weeks. After that, WhatsApp to slowly lose functionality and work in a mode where some features will be restricted. With time, more and more features are expected to stop working.

The Facebook-owned app had pushed its deadline for the roll-out of its updated terms of service to May 15th as it said it was giving users time to understand the terms but maintaining that they would not be changed.

Once users see a persistent reminder, the WhatsApp app will switch to a limited functionality mode. In this mode, users won’t be able to access their chat list. If they receive a chat, they will be able to open it through their notifications and also respond to them. Any incoming audio and video calls can also be received.

It isn’t certain as yet whether the May 15th deadline still stands, what users can expect is that they will still be able to accept the terms of service even after the stated date and can keep using the app even with the new strategy for WhatsApp to slowly lose functionality.

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Background of the controversial privacy policy update

WhatsApp to slowly lose functionality for the users who don’t accept the terms to the controversial update that was announced early this year. The app said the new terms of service would come this year as users were given the ultimatum of losing their data and chats if they did not accept. There was major backlash from many of the platform’s users who had inquiries on what the update meant and how it would affect their personal data.

The application has made various efforts to try and explain what the terms of service mean and how they will affect users in an attempt to cool the heat. With status updates from the application itself and a number of posts on its Twitter handle, WhatsApp addressed the major queries by explaining that personal data would not be shared as many speculated.

The updated terms of service according to the social media platform are meant to connect business accounts from Facebook to WhatsApp to allow seamless communication for customers and online businesses and therefore improve user experience. With this update, WhatsApp says it will not get access to personal messages and other personal information connected to a user.

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