WhatsApp view once images: Here’s how this cool feature works

Do you often send sensitive images or documents to your contacts, but urgently need them to delete after viewing? WhatsApp is about to assist you with that. With WhatsApp view once images, a new feature under beta testing, you should be able to send your contacts an image that they can only view a maximum of one time. As soon as they exit, the image disappears.

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How the WhatsApp view once images feature works

Once you have the update on you, go to the contact or group you want to send this one-time disappearing image to. Then select the image from the library or take a snap from the camera. Tap on the icon displaying ‘1’ in the text box.

WhatsApp's 'view once' image feature
WhatsApp’s ‘view once’ image feature

The person you sent it to will then get this image, without any preview, and will only be able to view it once — as compared to regular images. As indicated in the label, anyone can take a screenshot of the image you sent and preserve it forever. However, if they exit the window, the image is gone.

Recently, WhatsApp confirmed that multi-device support is in the works and would finally allow users to use the app on iPads. The feature will allow you to link up to 4 devices to your account. You will be able to continue chatting with friends on your other devices even when your phone isn’t connected to the internet.

The app also unveiled a new update that lets you play voice messages faster than they were recorded. Once it’s installed, the new WhatsApp lets you play voice messages faster at 1.5x or 2x its usual speed. Just tap the button to the right of whichever one you’re playing.

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