WhatsApp voice and video calls via Desktop app now available

The messaging platform finally rolls out its long-awaited feature that enables WhatsApp voice and video calls via desktop app. The feature has been under development for some time as the Facebook-owned app has always spoken of ways to make the desktop version more efficient.

The announcement of the new feature came through Facebook Newsroom on Twitter where a few details of how the feature is expected to work were released. “We’re excited to announce that private and secure one-to-one voice and video calls are now available on WhatsApp’s desktop app,” said the post on Twitter.

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The messaging app assures customers that the feature will be private and secure and no one apart from the people on the voice and video calls can hear the calls. It looks like all those features that have been in the works for some time are finally being unleashed as the popular messaging app works to regain the confidence of its over 2 billion users.

The brand new feature for WhatsApp voice and video calls via desktop app will only cater for one-to-one calls on the desktop app to allow the messaging app to give a reliable and high-quality experience for now. It will then be expanded to include group voice and video calls in future.

The Desktop calling feature is supported on;

  • Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer
  • macOS 10.13 and newer

What you need to make WhatsApp voice and video calls via desktop app

  • An audio output device and microphone for voice and video calls.
  • A camera for video calls.
  • An active internet connection on your computer and phone. The call won’t go through your phone, but it needs to be online to establish the call.
  • To grant WhatsApp permission to access your computer’s microphone and camera. WhatsApp needs access to your computer’s microphone for calls and camera for video calls.

How to make WhatsApp voice and video calls via desktop app

After you have all the above requirements, it is recommended to use headsets as opposed to using speaker devices which might cause echo.

To make a voice call, simply open the individual chat with the contact you’d like to call and click the Voice call icon. During the call, you can mute or unmute your microphone by clicking the Microphone icon. To end a call, click End call.

To make a video call, you follow the exact same steps as if you were making a video call only that you’ll click the Video call icon.

The new feature for WhatsApp voice and video calls via desktop app lets you switch between voice and video calls with a contact. While on a voice or video call, you can request to switch to any option. The contact will then choose OK or Switch to switch or Cancel to reject.

Whether WhatsApp is trying to distract its users from the controversial privacy policy with the latest rollout of features or just simply doing a great job, there’s no lie that the app’s latest features are making it much easier and fun to use.

You can download WhatsApp web for Windows and Mac through this LINK

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