Why everyone needs to own a button phone in Uganda today

You might have heard the word burner phone in a movie or series and maybe never paid attention to what it really is. Well, a burner phone is simply what we call button phone in Uganda and other names you might have heard like Katochi but you get the picture.

While they are rare in developed countries, they owning a button phone in Uganda and many other developing countries is quite common mainly because several people cannot afford to buy smartphones and look at them as a luxury.

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Reasons to buy a button phone in Uganda

Here are some features that that might make you reconsider owning one of these phones.

While they might not be as cool and convenient as the smartphones, they still have some cool features that make them attractive to buyers. Today it is quite common to find people owning a button phone alongside their smartphone. It is because of those rare features that not even the most luxurious smartphones could ever have.

Long battery life. These phones can go days without charging unlike smartphones that will require charging every after 3 hours and just a few that can probably go a whole day without charging. This is why it’s common for people who own businesses especially SME’s to own these phones since you don’t have to worry about charging.

You can’t talk about these phones and forget to talk about how affordable a button phone in Uganda is. These phones are quite cheap with an average price range of Shs 50,000 to Shs 100,000 as compared to many smartphones on the market.

Another great feature of burner phones is the fact that they can’t be traced like the Nokia 5000-D2. This is one of the major reasons they are purchased in developed countries to aid criminal activities. Using them leaves no trail behind so in case it’s stolen or lost well that’s the end of it.

A combination of all these features makes button phones great for emergencies just in case one loses their phone, they can buy one easily. What if your smartphone blacks out, well the button phones will be available since they can go days or even weeks without charging until you can find a power source for your smartphone.

If you are looking to buy a button phone in Uganda, one of the best and popular brands to look out for are the Nokia button phones, Tecno and itel too.

Button phones are very easy to find and are commonly sold in phone shops. You can also find them on retail websites like Jumia Uganda and Dondolo online phone shop.

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