11 Zoom tricks for that extraordinary Zoom experience.

Zoom has thrived as a communication tool in the past year because of quarantine circumstances where many people were required to isolate themselves. Commonly used for class and work meetings, Zoom has proven to be quite useful.

But there’s a way to better your entire experience while using this platform. With a few Zoom tricks, you could enjoy a whole new adventure.

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Here are 11 amazing Zoom tricks that will get you excited.

1.Change your background. Are you having a meeting from home and don’t want people to see that messy house. You can change your background on your Zoom call with a simple process. Go to Settings > Virtual Background. Zoom will offer you a few selections to use or you can just upload any image you want.

2.Mute everyone at once. You might want to take full charge of the meeting and need to mute everyone at once. Just simply hit Cmd+Ctrl+M on a Mac or Alt+M on a PC. You can also navigate to Host controls in the Zoom app on your desktop and click on Manage participants then mute all.

3.Mute and unmute with spacebar. If you want to add to the conversation but don’t like leaving your Zoom unmuted, press and hold the spacebar and it will temporarily unmute you so you can throw all your ideas into the meeting.

4.Enter silently. You might want to enter a Zoom call in stealth mode, well there’s the option of entering silently. This comes in handy when you’re late for a meeting and you don’t want to call any attention to yourself. Open the Zoom app and click Settings. On the Audio tab, click the box to add a checkmark to Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting. To turn your microphone back on while in the call, use the button at the bottom of the screen.

You can also enter a Zoom call without video on, which is pretty helpful when you’re dealing with low bandwidth or having video quality issues. To use this setting, open the Zoom app and click Settings. On the Video tab, click the checkbox for Always turn off video when joining a meeting at the bottom of the page under the Meetings heading. To turn your video back on, you can do so at the start or in the middle of the meetings by clicking the video button at the bottom of the screen.

5.Set up Zoom to show names. If you find it difficult to remember people’s names, go to Settings > Video and check the box for Always display participant’s name. 

6.Don’t miss Zoom meetings anymore. Download and open the Zoom app for Android or iOS. Go to the Meeting Settings section of the Zoom app and choose Meeting reminders on your mobile device. Your Zoom app will automatically send a mobile notification when it’s time to join a meeting.

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7.Try out Zoom’s beauty filter. Everyone wants to look their best but that might be hard to achieve if you’re just home all day. Zoom takes care of that little issue by letting you enhance your beauty with its filter. Click Settings > Video. Check the box for Touch up my appearance there-after and Zoom will soften the focus on your camera giving you an extraordinary glow.

8.Quick invite. You might have started a meeting without a crucial co-worker after you forgot to send them an invite. With Zoom, you can send a quick invite. Type Cmd+I on a Mac or Alt+I on a PC to open the invite window. Click the email tab, copy the URL, and send it to anyone you’d like to invite to the meeting. You can also click on Contacts to directly invite a colleague if they’re on a contact list.

9.Record your meeting onto your computer. A recorded video call could come in handy when you need to refer to it later for notes or share it with others who need the information. Go to Settings > Recording and turn the option on. Once that’s done, you can click the record icon when you’re hosting a Zoom meeting on the bottom of the toolbar to record your meeting and save it to your computer.

10.React with emojis. Click the reactions tab at the bottom of the meeting screen. It’s in the same panel as mute audio and video, but you’ll find it over to the right. Choose the emoji that you want to use to express your feelings.

11.Get unlimited time. Zoom is an amazing free service but you might have noticed it has a time limit. Meetings only go up to 40 minutes on the free plan. You can get unlimited time through the paid plans and even the ability to add more people and a way to record meetings to the cloud.

Make your meetings and classes a little bit more interesting with these Zoom tricks.

Source: KOMANDO.COM, Kim Komando.

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