The Ministry of ICT announces the 4th call for applications under NIISP to support innovators

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance announces the 4th call for applications under NIISP (National ICT Initiatives Support Program) which will provide support to innovators in Uganda. NIISP provides the perfect opportunity for those who have digital solutions to daily issues to get the funding they need to develop their ideas.

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The 4th call for applications under NIISP will fall under a number of sectors

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has allocated resources to support ICT Innovators and application developers under the National ICT Initiatives Support Program (NIISP) whose overall goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem for ICT Innovations in Uganda. The Ministry is pleased to announce the 4th call for applications under NIISP under the following key sectors:

Accountability Sector

The Government of Uganda is pursuing the Parish Based Development Model with a view of catalysing development at the lower administrative units (Parish). The model’s success will be highly dependent on the availability of data for decision making. Based on this there is a need to support the development of an integrated system that will be used for the implementation of the Programme.

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Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management is a key function for efficient and effective management of public service delivery. To improve efficiency, there is a need to automate the Management of Government facilities used for Meetings, Workshops and Seminars by both the Public and Government. As a result, Government would like to support the development of a system to automate scheduling, venues and timetabling of meetings held in Government facilities. The system will also support the Business Processes of Government facilities such as the Civil Service College and the National ICT Innovation Hub.

ICT Sector

ICT users have over the years been subjected to counterfeit equipment by manufacturers and vendors. Unfortunately, there is no readily available mechanism to ascertain the authenticity and originality of the ICT Products that the public uses. To address this, the Ministry would like to support the development of systems that support the vendor/consumer ability to identify ICT counterfeits.

All Ugandans are eligible to apply, women and youth are encouraged to apply.

The deadline for the 4th call for applications under NIISP is on 15th May 2021 hence interested parties are advised to apply on time. Go to this link: to apply.

Interested parties can get more information from the Ministry’s website at: or the project portal:

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