These are the covid vaccination points in Uganda 2021

As the second wave of the coronavirus rages on, public demand for the vaccines has risen equally. Citing a shortage of the vaccine in Uganda, a third batch was received on 16 June. Different covid vaccination points in Uganda 2021 have been listed in a tweet by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr Diana Atwine.

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In the tweet, different locations for vaccination sites are displayed. Health centres and hospitals, particularly within Kampala, have been marked as vaccination sites mainly centred in the five divisions; Nakawa, Rubaga, Kawempe, Makindye and Central division.

The different covid vaccination points in Uganda 2021

covid vaccination points in Uganda 2021

Lubaga division

  • Kitebi Health Center III
  • Kawaala Health Center IV
  • Namirembe Infants Primary School
  • Natete Muslim Primary School
  • Kigobe Primary School
  • YMCA Secondary School
  • Kabowa COU Primary School

Kawempe division

  • Kawempe Division offices
  • Makerere Yellow Primary School
  • Kifumbira Community Hall
  • St. Peter’s Kanyanya P/S
  • Mulago Hospital
  • St. Martin Primary School
  • Komamboga Health Centre III
  • Kawempe Hospital

Nakawa division

  • Kiswa Health Centre III
  • Butabika Hospital
  • Mbuya Military Health Centre
  • Kulambiro Church of Uganda
  • Ntinda Primary School
  • Nakawa Division Offices
  • Kyambogo Uni Medical Centre
  • Kitawulizi Community Hall

Central division

  • Kisenyi Health Centre IV
  • City Hall Clinic
  • Bat Valley Primary School
  • Kamwokya Catholic Church
  • Nakivubo Blue Primary School
  • Old Kampala Hospital
  • Kitante Primary School
  • Kololo Airstrip

Makindye division

  • Nsambya Gogonya Kasaawe
  • St. Ponsiano Church of Uganda
  • Ggaba Model Primary School
  • Kamanyi Seed School
  • Victory Church Wabigalo
  • Lukuli Kissawe
  • Kairos Primary School Bukasa
  • Katwe Primary School

The new vaccine doses delivered on Wednesday 16 June brings the total number of COVID-19 doses received in the country to 1,139,200. Uganda‚Äôs first two batches, totalling a grand total of 964,000 doses, arrived in the country in March and are expected to expire by 10 July.

Uganda like other countries is struggling with the second wave of the corona virus. In efforts to curb the spread of the virus, a second lockdown has been enforced with tight restrictions halting various businesses and people’s movement with special permission for essential workers.

Desperate times calling for desperate measures indeed, vaccines have been developed to try and reduce the spread of the virus. Various countries have embarked on wide vaccination drives to see that majority of the population is vaccinated in the shortest time possible.

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Vaccination in Uganda started shortly after the country received its first batch of doses on 5 March which targeted health workers, security personnel, the elderly and people with underlying health issues. However, only 2% of the population has been vaccinated so far with many receiving only the first dose.

With the arrival of the third batch containing 175,200 doses on 17 June, the Ministry of Health hopes to give second shots to those who received their first and cover more ground when it comes to vaccination. Despite the lockdown that has set tight restrictions on movement, people have been encouraged to get vaccinated. 

By 15 June, over 812,000 people including health workers, teachers, security personnel, airport staff, the elderly and people with diabetes, hypertension and other underlying conditions had been vaccinated.

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