Easy matatu gives back to riders this lockdown

As the pandemic rages on, it is important to look out for each other as many people are suffering from the effects of the lockdown. Easy Matatu has taken the initiative to support its drivers and their families with household expenses like food, groceries and sanitary items amid the lockdown dry spell.

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Easy Matatu, a platform that connects commuters to convenient, reliable, safe and clean public transport is providing support to its drivers during this pandemic. The company stated that it will make door-to-door trips, giving household products to 36 drivers in various sections of Kampala in order to alleviate their financial distress until normal business activities resume.

Different companies have taken the initiative to help out their workers during tough times posed by the lockdown seeing as many have been cut off from their sources of income. The majority of taxi drivers work hand to mouth which means that they are usually the most affected during the lockdown seeing that public transport was banned.

Andrew Lema, the CEO, Easy Matatu, said most if not all taxi drivers live hand to mouth and being forced to stay at home means that they are unable to make a living to feed themselves and their families let alone provide necessary supplies.

“We want to be there for our drivers in this hard time and this is what Easy Matatu is about,” Lema said.

Easy Matatu has worked with various businesses and organizations to provide economical and convenient transportation to their employees during the lockdown to help enable the mobility of important workers.

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Other recent efforts

SafeBoda recently carried out an initiative to provide food supplies to over 3000 of its SafeBoda drivers. This follows the presidential directive to halt public transport across the country as a result of the rising COVID-19 cases, which has heavily affected the income and livelihood of many SafeBodas.

This initiative was done in partnership with parties like Yuvraj TVS, to whom Ricky says SafeBoda is highly indebted. TVS contributed over 500 bags of 5kg maize flour to this cause. This donation activity was administered on 12th/July/2021 at the SafeBoda Academy in Kyebando where drivers were provided with a package of maize flour and beans for them and their families.

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