How the Glovo app is easing online delivery during this lockdown

The pandemic has brought about uncertain times disrupting many of the activities we were accustomed to doing physically. While it has affected many negatively, there have been a few wins for some like Glovo in the online delivery business. With people unable to eat at their favourite restaurants because of restrictions, they have had to rely on online deliveries now more than ever so that they can keep enjoying tasty meals.

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Glovo, a newcomer in the online delivery business managed to enter the market at what many would call the convenient time for a courier business that was in the middle of the pandemic last year. Joining the market is one thing, but retaining it is another. Glovo has grown wildly popular among many Ugandans especially those living in the city centre as they have cited it as reliable and efficient.

Along with making deliveries, the startup has been praised by many for delivering on time as people’s orders arrive in under 40 minutes. One of the ways to make it as a courier is to ensure that your customer’s orders reach on time.

On top of that, one of its major wow factors has been the subsidized delivery prices despite people’s locations making it the affordable alternative. Delivery prices range from UGX 1,500 to UGX 5,500. The delivery prices for the food section have a range of UGX 1,500 to UGX 5,500. Delivery prices for pharmacy and shops and gifts are at a standard UGX 3,000. For the Glovo party section, the price is UGX 1,800.

Affordable delivery fees are an encouraging factor seeing as many people have been cut off from their sources of income during this lockdown and are trying to save.

Glovo app, the super app

The app is quite easy to navigate with all the categories on the first page requiring no need for you to scroll. Glovo has different categories with Stephen Ruhohi, the head of growth and marketing in Uganda and Kenya referring to it as the super app because of the ability of the customer to get almost anything through the app.

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It has the shops and gifts section, food section, supermarket section, Glovo party, pharmacy. Another unique category is the express shipment category where you just simply ask a Glovo rider to pick up something for you and have it delivered to you.

You can download the Glovo app via Google Play and the App Store.

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Seeing as it is mainly centred in Kampala, Glovo is now working on an expansion to different areas outside the city in order to further its reach and market share. This would allow it to expand the ever-growing customer base.

“We started in Kampala and now looking into expanding to another town in the next one or two months. We are yet to make a decision but the top contenders are Jinja and Entebbe,” said Stephen Ruhohi, head of growth and marketing in Uganda and Kenya.

Glovo has managed to grow not only nationally but also on a continental level and is currently operating in 6 African countries. According to The Independent, the company, which expected to break even in 2022, has more than a 2.5million monthly active users, 50,000 active couriers and over 50,000 associated partners worldwide.

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