Simple steps on how to become a rider with Glovo

Glovo now one of the fastest growing online delivery companies in Uganda today, has stationed itself in different places in and around Kampala. In this article, we look at how to become a rider with Glovo. Glovo is providing employment opportunities which is evident by the number of riders you’ll see clad in the company’s yellow and green moving all over town on their motorbikes.

As the company works tirelessly to come up with fresh strategies that can improve customer experience, it works to improve the experience for its riders too. Working with Glovo is quite easy as it can help one earn money in an efficient way.

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Here is how to become a rider with Glovo

This is the process on how to become a rider with Glovo which includes a few requirements.

  • Visit the Glovo website and scroll to the option become a rider
  • Some of the requirements are national identification
  • Be of legal age and above
  • A valid driving license
  • A motorcycle, bike or car
  • A smartphone

When you apply, the company will do a few background checks to verify that you are the owner of the documentation presented.

Glovo gives riders the freedom to define their own working hours allowing them to earn income during their free time. The flexibility of the company’s service is an attractive factor for riders.

Stephen Ruhohi the Growth and Marketing manager of Glovo, Kenya and Uganda explained that most of the riders are youth and that it is possible for them to earn money while they go about their studies. He said, “You have a number of university students in between their classes if they have some free time, they can make deliveries and earn some money which they can use to supplement their fees and their income.”

Compensation for the riders depends on  their experience and ratings.

Glovo’s expansion strategy

Glovo has its primary base in and around some parts of Kampala. It announced last month that it was working towards an expansion strategy that would give it greater access to customers who don’t live within the city.

Through this expansion strategy, the online delivery company is creating opportunities for those who live in those areas to earn a living by applying to join the company as riders.

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Glovo was launched in Uganda late last year amidst the heat of the pandemic. It has successfully penetrated the market with its low charges on deliveries and efficiently keeping time when it comes to making deliveries.

Online delivery has seen a huge boost in the past months majorly because of the existing pandemic. In order to ensure that the spread of the virus can be contained, people were advised to stay away from crowded places which include restaurants.

This caused a major drift for restaurants as they moved their businesses online to stay in touch with customers. This has created major opportunities for online delivery companies as they can ably provide customers with a variety of options though their platforms.

With the inability to be in contact with customers, a number of restaurants moved their businesses online making themselves available to an even wider customer base. In Uganda, we have seen more online delivery companies.

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