Google translate VS Cibo: which is the best foreign food menu translator?

Google translate is one of the leading food translators and Cibo has joined the market but will it outcompete google translate. Cibo is apple’s newly released foreign food menu translator that helps you search for photos of food items on the menu using your camera.

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There is that excitement that comes with foreign tours but it is horrific for one to a meal they don’t know because food menus are in a foreign language.

To avoid the kind of drama that come with eating strange food, a food menu translator should be one of the items you pack for your foreign tours. In this segment, we compare Google translate and the newly released Cibo food menu translator.

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Google Translate

What makes Google translate stand out is that it is available for both android and ios users coming with the longest language list with over 80 languages and you won’t find this else where. The app has the capability to translate a picture from your phone camera lens. You can download and use an approximate of 53 languages offline.

To use the app, select a language you are translating to and fro. Take a photo of the menu you want translated and select item.

Cibo food menu translator.

Android users, this is a no go zone. Cibo was launched over the weekend and is only available on ios.
Cibo comes with real-time text recognition and a photo recognition capability. You can translate the food item by focusing your camera lense on it while using Cibo.

Cibo app supports translation for just eight languages currently and that’s English, German, Italian, Spanish, Romania, Danish, French and Dutch. The app doesn’t contain ads and can be downloaded at the app store.

You can scan over 50 menus at no cost though later have to make a purchase of $1.99 currency points.

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Use google translate:

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