How much does Facebook know about you?

Facebook has grown from a mere messaging application where people went to keep in touch with friends and family to a more diverse platform where there is almost no limit to how much you can do now. There is always the lingering question, How much does Facebook know about you? With the growing diversity of the application arises the need to get more user information, a move Facebook has justified in order for it to give its users the best experience.

The company has seen its fair share of privacy scandals some it has had to pay for to avoid further litigation. Last year, a $650 million settlement was approved for a privacy lawsuit against the company for allegedly using users biometric data without their permission.

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The information Facebook knows about you

As a constant Facebook user, you have to be curious about how much information the company has on you and what they intend to use it for in the future.

The information Facebook has on its users is quite a lot though the company continues to say this is to give the best user experience for its customers. Some of the information it has includes device information like IP address and battery life.

It has the ability to know where you are and what device you are using to log in to the app and use it. Facebook also has any information that you provide when you are opening an account.

The Apps & Web activity setting if tuned on, lets Facebook collect your online information when you are using other browsers. If you purchase things online you are more likely going to find an Ad on Facebook from the same retail company or the category of things you bought.

For people that are privacy-conscious, the idea of turning on such a setting would be highly unlikely however the popular social media platform emphasizes that without this setting, you will lose your account.

If you have ever wondered how people in your contacts usually end up in the “People you may know” category well this is because Facebook has access to your contacts.

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Going to your settings will help you answer how much does Facebook know about you?

There are ways to know how much information Facebook has on you. You can simply go to the app and tap the three horizontal lines, and open Settings.

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Under the ‘Your Facebook Information’ tap on ‘Download Your Information’. Uncheck any information you don’t need to download and make your date and file type selections.

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Tap create file when you are ready to download.

You might want to keep using the app while you give It less information. Well one way is to close the account completely. All information that was affiliated to your account will be lost. However information about you from your friends on Facebook will remain and can be recovered.

You can make changes to your Ad settings if you don’t want to feel like you are being spied on whenever you visit other sites. Go to your account settings and select ‘Ad settings’. You can switch the option from ‘Allow’ to ‘Not Allowed’

Lastly, just limit how much you put on the platform because Facebook will always keep track when you post pictures, which events you have attended and anything else you put on your profile.

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