How to add private labels on Google Maps

With the number of growing e-hailing companies in Uganda today, Google Maps has become one of the most used apps today to help people find their destinations. On top of giving directions, Google Maps offers alternative routes in case of traffic jam and can also calculate the distance for a user. Today, we’ll take a look at how to add private labels on Google Maps.

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On the Google Maps app, you can give a place a private label that will help you find the place easily when you need to travel there. According to Google support, Place labels are a feature of Google Maps that surfaces great content such as landmarks, businesses, and tourist attractions on the app’s base map data. Let’s go through the steps on how to add private labels on Google Maps.

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How to add private labels on Google Maps with these quick steps

You will go through the same steps on how to add private labels on Google Maps regardless of which device you are holding.

Open the Google Maps app on your device and search for the location you want to save using the search bar. Tap the result when it appears in the list.

Screenshot 20210318 153021

Tap the name of the location at the bottom to view the full information panel.

In the information panel, choose the “Label” option.

Alternatively, you can scroll up and tap the three dot menu and choose “Add label” from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot 20210318 153240

In the “Add Label” menu, provide a label name in the “Enter A Label” box. You can also tap one of the auto-generated suggestions (such as “Home” or “Work”) from the “Suggestions” list provided.

Screenshot 20210318 153354

To add it as a label, tap the “Add Label” option that appears beneath.

Screenshot 20210318 153410 1

Once you’ve added the label, you’ll be able to find your location under the label given. The label will appear above place names in the map view and in the information panel.

Screenshot 20210318 153537

To edit or remove the labelled option, simply follow the same steps. This time search for the area using your label, in my example my label was “School”.

Scroll up and go to the three dot menu.

Screenshot 20210318 160542

Tap “Edit label” and change it or select “Remove” in case you don’t want it there.

Screenshot 20210318 160714 1

With these easy steps on how to add private labels on Google Maps, the journey to your destination will be much easier.

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