How to stop using background mobile data on Android

Considering how expensive data is, it is important to keep track of your data and know how to stop using background mobile data on Android. Usually, if you find yourself reloading your data bundles it could be because some apps are eating through your data in the background.

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Android makes it easy for you to keep track of your data usage, it lets you set up alerts to stop your smartphone or tablet from going above certain limits. You can also block certain apps from using mobile data in the background and we shall take you through the process of how to stop using background mobile data on Android.

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Step by step process of how to stop using background mobile data on Android

To get started, swipe down from the top of your device’s screen once or twice depending on your phone and tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

Screenshot 20210311 145348

Next, select “Apps & Notifications”.

Screenshot 20210311 145435 1

Tap “See all (number) apps” for the full list of installed apps.

Screenshot 20210311 145557

Find the app from the list that you want to restrict background data usage for.

Screenshot 20210311 145640

Next, select “Mobile Data & Wi-Fi”.

Screenshot 20210311 145829

Toggle off the switch for ” Background Data.”

Screenshot 20210311 145958

After these easy steps on how to stop using Background mobile data on Android, the app/apps will no longer be able to use mobile data in the background. The app that is restricted will still be able to use data when you open it. For apps that you don’t use often, restricting their background data usage is a good way to save on that money spent on mobile data bundles.

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