How to swiftly exit WhatsApp group chats without actually leaving

Once in a while, you could get fed up with WhatsApp chats, especially from groups, and make you wish you could at the very least leave WhatsApp. Well, you can actually exit WhatsApp group chats without showing any notification to the other group members.

Brought in in July, the ‘keep chats archived’ function is a do-not-disturb feature that allows you to prevent archived chats from reappearing in your main chat feed every time a participant posts a new message on it. You won’t receive any new message notifications from such chats.

How to exit WhatsApp group chats without actually leaving

To activate this, you need to first archive the WhatsApp group chat you want to get rid of. After that, open WhatsApp and press on the three dots in the top right-hand corner, and open up Settings. Then, choose Chats and activate the option Keep Chats Archived. All archived chats will remain hidden and won’t bother you anymore

Other features WhatsApp has launched recently

Since early August, users have been able to send images or videos that disappear from a chat after its recipient has viewed them once. That’s what the number that now appears to the right of the compose-message bar is for. Read more on this feature here: WhatsApp view once images: Here’s how this cool feature works

In July, WhatsApp implemented a new function that allows you to join a video chat at a later point if you fail to pick up when your mobile phone receives the initial group call. Once in the call, moreover, you can leave and rejoin whenever you want. You also have a screen with information about the call: who is in it, and who was invited to participate but hasn’t yet joined. Read About the feature here: WhatsApp joinable calls let you drop off and rejoin group calls

WhatsApp has also given users the option of transferring their chat histories between iOS and Android devices, meaning that if you change from one operating system to the other, you won’t lose the contents of all your previous chats. This new function will allow WhatsApp account holders to migrate messages, voice messages, and media from iOS to Android and vice versa.

However, although initially only rolled out in the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 phones, it will soon be available to all smartphone users. Read About it here: WhatsApp view once images: Here’s how this cool feature works

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