Here is how to register for covid 19 money

In a press briefing at the Media Centre in Kampala, the Minister for Gender, and Social Development, Betty Amongi said that the government has already identified the beneficiaries of the covid 19 relief fund. The lingering question is how to register for covid 19 money as it is one of the requirements for one to get access to the money. A sum of over UGX 50 billion has been secured to the effect.

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In a recent communication, guidelines have now been issued on how people can get access to government aid and how the cash transfer will take place.

The registration of beneficiaries, which kicked off on Thursday, July 1, 2021, will be led by the Town Clerks working with Community Development Officers, Labour Officers and other technical officers as the Town Clerks will deem fit.

Beneficiaries of the covid 19 relief are to be identified from the administrative records in possession of the KCCA, Cities and Municipality authorities and a tool to aid the data compilation has already been shared with all Town Clerks.

The registration should be all-inclusive of the listed groups of vulnerable people including Persons with Disabilities, older persons, women and slum/ghetto dwellers as long as they fall in the listed categories. However, note that only one person per household shall be eligible to be registered.

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After registration has taken place, a display of the compiled lists will be done at public places within the villages in urban areas for update and verification purposes. Ward Administrators will supervise the display process supported by Village Health Teams.

When Ugandans could expect the covid 19 relief

Each beneficiary will receive UGX 100,000 net while the government will cater for withdrawal fees. This is to cater for the purchase of 20kg of posho at UGX 40,000, 10kg of beans for UGX 25000, a bar of soap at UGX 3000, a three-litre -jerrycan of cooking oil for UGX 12,000 and the remaining UGX 20,000 to be used for other items at home.

This money is expected to be disbursed in about two weeks. People without national IDs shouldn’t worry about missing out on the relief as the government has catered for them too. Those who qualify but have no National Identification Numbers (NINs) will be issued NIN slips by NIRA officials who are part of the registration teams.

Meanwhile, persons who qualify and are in possession of a NIN but have no registered phone numbers will be paid through Postbank’s mobile banking vans upon presentation of a National ID or NIN slip. For further guidance at the KCCA, City and Municipality level, contact the Division Town Clerks.

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