Makerere University e-library services launched to help students during lockdown

E-learning has slowly become the norm for many institutions as we all adapt to the new normal caused by the novel coronavirus. Just as institutions have taken on e-learning to ensure that students do not lag behind, Makerere University e-library services have been launched so that students can access reading material during the lockdown. The University has taken the initiative to ensure that students can still get access to the library even if they are not physically present on campus.

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In a letter addressed to the students’ fraternity, the University will allow students to get access to library services via the E-library. Students will have access to all known library services, and they will simply need their email accounts to do so. These email addresses will be used to help them create accounts to access the e-library.

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Students to register for Makerere University e-library services with email addresses

Once the accounts are created, students will receive notifications on their emails. The creation of accounts will be followed by training sessions on how to use the e-library on later dates that will be communicated to students for them to fully understand how they can use these services. Students can register their email addresses here: as they follow steps in the document attached for completion of the process.

The necessity for such a move was urgent, not only because of the lockdown that has denied many the opportunity to use the library but also because students will commence exams as soon as universities are allowed to reopen and others need to carry out research to complete their final year projects.

Over the years, Makerere University just like other institutions has taken the initiative to automate various university programs to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Many services that were formerly done manually have been shifted online creating convenience for both staff and students.

The popular AIMS portal which was introduced in 2018 allows students to register their course units, print exam permits and pay tuition online. Another platform that was created was the MUELE platform developed to allow students access to work, study online and do tests online. This goes ahead to show that e-learning was a part of the university even before the coronavirus pandemic.

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Most recently, the university announced this year that students especially first years would be able to get their student IDs online through a process that was well detailed by the Academic Registrar. This marked a huge change from previous years where students were expected to go to the senate building to pick their IDs after registering at their colleges.

Various ID services were now made available through the AIMS portal like

  • Request for new IDs for new students
  • Request for ID replacement
  • File complaint about not having received an ID

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As the university does its best to make sure that students do not lag behind and can still keep up through e-learning, its finding ways to adapt to the current situation as it ensures continuity amidst the pandemic.

With the ongoing epidemic, it’s only natural that more services be moved online to let individuals to go about their daily lives while adhering to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). As we’ve seen, people’s habits have shifted since they’ve been forced to rely more on online venues to get things done.

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