Africell, MTN to extend the offer for zero rates for MUK websites making access affordable

As Makerere University students prepare for classes to resume in what could be a phased learning scheme with a combination of physical classes and online classes. There have been agreements with Africell, MTN to extend the offer for zero rates for MUK websites such that students can access them with ease. The university is now making effort to see that the students get a smooth e-learning experience and also manage other campus activities well.

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In a tweet today, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe thanked the following telecom companies for their cooperation to see that the university can offer the best e-learning experience. MTN, Airtel, and Africell will not charge any rates for people to access the MUK websites that is to say students and lecturers can access them with no internet access.

Africell, MTN to extend the offer for zero rates in response to students complaints

Since e-learning was proposed as the new mode of teaching last year as a result of the on-going pandemic, many students at the university complained about how unfair the teaching method was. As much as it was the only way for the university to ensure that students catch up with their studies, it was not favourable to the majority of the students.

Students argued that they lacked the devices or gadgets like laptops, tablets and smartphones to enable them study online. In addition, there was the cost of the internet that was hard to afford especially during the peak of the pandemic when the economy was at rock bottom.

On that note, the MUK e-learning scheme did not work so efficiently hence some students ended up missing tests, lectures and eventually final exams.

When the university announced the start of a new academic year, several students addressed the issue of online learning saying that it did not favor many of them in the last semester.

It looks like the university is trying to work on the grievances that were raised one step at a time as we’ve observed with the announcement that there is a possibility for telecom companies like MTN to extend the offer for zero rates on MUK websites.

Access to these websites will also eliminate the need for physical interaction when it comes to some activities like making payments, receiving admission letters.

However, the Vice-Chancellor warned that these MUK websites will not work properly with VPN implying that students and lecturers should pay OTT tax or get connected to WiFi to access these sites.

The list of MUK websites that expect telecom companies like MTN to extend the offer for zero rates is here.

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