NetQ-UG by UCC helps you monitor data bundle usage

NetQ-UG is a web-based speed test tool that enables any user of the internet in Uganda to measure the data speed and other performance elements of their internet connection at that time. It is a product of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), in its bid to ensure proper internet usage in the country.

This is indiscriminate of the medium of access that the person is using to connect to the Internet – cellular, other wireless technologies, optical fiber, or else.

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How the NetQ-UG portal works

NetQ-UG App enables a user to measure the internet speed of their internet connection at a particular place and time.  The app also helps the user check how and for what their data bundle or subscription has been used in the period of interest. The app also provides an insight into the quality of internet service experienced by other users in the same or other location through crowdsourcing.

NetQ-UG captures the time and date of the test, geographical coordinates of where each test is run, and other network information to facilitate a user in engaging with their service provider over their Internet experience. The app shall therefore require you to grant permission to access data on your location, network connection, and usage in order to generate the different reports for you.

The app does not require or capture any personally identifiable information such as your name, phone number, email address, NIN, photo, contents of your phone, etc

The NetQ-UG App can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. NetQ-UG works with Android 7, iOS 12, and the versions released after that.

To run a test, click on “Begin Test” and wait. The tool will then conduct the required analysis and, within 20 seconds, display your results. Note that some tests cannot be run on Apple devices due to iOS security features.

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