NITA-U confirms that SafeBoda privacy policy does not put user data at risk

There have been some concerns over the SafeBoda privacy policy as to whether customers personal data was being sold to third parties. Some concerns were raised about SafeBoda’s privacy policy that the app was sharing user data but NITA-U (National Information Technology Authority)has now confirmed that user data is indeed safe and secure in its latest report.

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Some of the data accessed in the SafeBoda privacy policy

In the new Safeboda privacy policy it mentions that it can access personal information like one’s email address and IP address. The sixth clause is where the company lists the kind of data it can access that is name, date of birth, gender, business name, web browser type, operating system, telephone number, profession and payment information.

The e-hailing company continues to clarify that it only accesses data for the purposes of improving user experience through a number of ways like managing accounts and providing personalized services to the customers.

NITA-U recently carried out an investigation into claims that user data was unlawfully accessed and sold to third parties. After a thorough investigation on user data protection, NITA-U confirmed that there was no selling of any customer data.

The main concern about the Safeboda privacy policy about how it handled user data was the e-hailing’s work with CleverTap, a popular data processor and analytical software based in the United States. NITA-U had earlier found that the company’s policy of sharing personal user data with CleverTap was against the Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 because there was no certainty as to how much data was being shared with this software company and potential disclosure of personal data.

In a statement, NITA-U said, “There was no evidence to support allegations that SafeBoda sells its users’ personal data. SafeBoda was cooperative during the investigation and has also made efforts towards compliance including improving its data protection policies to comply with provisions in the Act.” It also recommended that the company makes the SafeBoda privacy policy more readily available to customers.

In the tenth section of the SafeBoda privacy policy, it confirms that it shares user data with CleverTap and Appsflyer. This is done to optimise user experience and for marketing purposes. It goes on to emphasize that it only shares user data with third parties when it has ensured that customers’ personal date will be handled safely and securely.

In the digital era, its important for online companies to ensure transparency when it comes to how they user customer data and access it. Most users worry about how these online companies use their data since they have free access to it and whether the data will be safe and secure as this is one of the main features of the internet regarding users’ data.

SafeBoda Co-founder, Ricky Rapa Thompson responded to this report saying, “We are excited to be part of this process. SafeBoda as a tech start-up founded in Kyebando, Kampala would like to thank NITA-U for the support to ensure compliance with the Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019.”

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