NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system for tree farmers

NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system for tree farmers which has been handed over to the National Forestry Authority to enable their registration and licensing. This system is unveiled at a time when many government agencies have started to digitize many of their operations and the services they provide to the public.

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The e-licensing system handed over to the National Forestry Authority has features that will enable dissemination of information to farmers, will allow farmers to monitor their harvest, monitor acreage, and make online applications for tree planting. A number of other things this new system will enable include access to information about their application status; make online payments and access payment information among other features according to New Vision.

The automating of most of these processes, which were formerly done manually as NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system for tree farmers will improve tree farming with increased efficiency for farmers and provide a more convenient environment for them to work in.

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NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system to improve service delivery

During the unveiling that NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system, NITA-U Executive Director Hatwib Mugasa said, “I would like to thank the Management and Staff of NFA for trusting us as your partners in this digitization effort. You have set an example that all government entities must emulate. Let me take this opportunity to encourage all government institutions that have not yet fully embraced digitization to join the digital revolution. As NITA-U, we are ready to journey with you.” 

He further explained that this e-licensing system is expected to improve service delivery and boost the performance of the forestry sector.

The National Forestry Authority (NFA) Executive Director, Tom Okello Obong, said the new system has been designed to allow back end approval processes, provide a dashboard for management and a range of reports.

“When we started this project, our goal was to facilitate tree farmers in accessing services from NFA online and provide real-time information about farmers for better management. I’m glad to announce that as we speak, we are migrating and updating existing farmers into the system. Farmers will now be able to apply from anywhere and at any time, “he said. 

This boost for tree farmers in Uganda as NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system for them will not only improve service delivery but in turn increase forest coverage in Uganda which has reduced over time.

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