SafeBoda launches Safe Health campaign to improve access to medical care products.

The SafeBoda company launched the Safe health campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Health, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and Rocket health in an event that was held on 27th January 2021 under the theme, “Opportunities and Challenges in selling health products on line.”

The Safe Health campaign was launched to increase access of a wide range of health products to people through the Safe Boda platform from a number of pharmacies around Kampala.

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SafeBoda Senior Operations manager, Moses Musinguzi explained that the launch was to create awareness about the company’s partnerships with pharmacies to deliver health products that customers need.

The e-commerce platform, which began only as a transport company, now hosts a variety of categories through its application software that allows customers to order for food and groceries. The Safe Health campaign is intended to provide patients with access to health goods through the use of a wide variety of pharmacies.

The need for online distribution has grown over the past months, in particular by referencing restrictions where people have not been able to meet in public areas and their movements have been restricted. Hence this left online delivery companies as the most reliable alternative to access goods amidst such limitations. This latest initiative by SafeBoda and its partners will improve how customers get health products and ensure that there is little or no hassle.

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Safe Health Campaign introduces new ways of accessing health care products.

The Assistant Commissioner for Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health, Dr Fred Sebisubi noted that the COVID 19 pandemic has given rise to other ways of accessing healthcare commodities, prompting initiatives like the Safe Health Campaign.

He said, “This time round, especially during covid-19, business cannot remain as usual where people move to health facilities, pharmacies, drug outlets to pick their commodities. So, I think covid-19 has shown us that it is possible to have other initiatives and access the products that we need.”

Dr. Sebisubi also emphasized the need to engage and bridge the gap for online business that provide health commodities in order for them to prevail.

Moses Musinguzi, the Senior Operations manager at SafeBoda explained that the SafeBoda riders are given the best training to ensure that customers receive quality services as this is the company’s priority.

To access health products that you might need, simply go to the SafeBoda app and choose the food and shop category. Under this category, simply type Safe Health in your search and you will view a variety of health products that you can choose to best suit your needs.

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