The best gadgets students need for online classes.

Online studying has become increasingly popular in Uganda as a result of the ongoing pandemic that saw governments enforcing strict regulations like social distancing in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

You can put your notebooks and pens away because we have compiled a list of the best gadgets that will make your virtual classes a fun and easy experience but also ensuring you get the most out of your studies.

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The best gadgets students need for online classes.

Mobile Learning Devices for fast learning anywhere:

howcast on mobile devices

M-Learning or mobile learning is a technical education framework that provides portability and flexibility through the use of mobile devices. With a range of educational applications on their M-learning devices (tablet, notepad, iPod, iPhone, Mobile phones etc.) students can conveniently hold all their research materials, configure course catalogs, online library, study materials etc.

Digital Assistant for short responses:

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Digital assistants are a recent development in the modern world. And now it’s a modern way to monitor devices like smartphones, smartphones, computers and many other smart home appliances. Digital assistants are easily triggered with a word of wake up, and you can order them by voice for almost anything including asking questions, searching for a word, estimate, and a lot more. You can also set up a reminder, list to-do, and listen to some soothing music if you’re sleepy.

Portable Wi-Fi for uninterrupted connection:


The most demanding internet connection often fails in many classrooms and auditoriums. In certain cases, portable Wi-Fi transforms the environment into personal wi-fi hot spots. There is a range of wi-fi handheld devices available on the market, students can choose the ones that offer the most convenience to them.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones to Focus:

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Sony noise cancelling over ear headphones Source:

If you’re at your high school campus or hostel space, or you’re staying in a rental apartment with roommates. It is not easy to find a peaceful spot to go about your tasks, assignments or research. Here, Noise-cancelling headphones will be a great aid to the student. They will make any noise-free area into a noise-free zone and help you concentrate on your research. Noise-Cancelling headphones are producing a modern sound wave that cancels other noises around you. There are various options available in respect to both price and features. The price range may vary $60 to $300.

Portable Printer for Essay and Photo Printing:

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Students continue to print hard copies of a variety of papers on a regular basis. In this situation, using a portable printer is an excellent choice. It saves both time and ease of printing fast documentation and images at any time, everywhere. There are many compact printers available on the market that are inexpensive, making it easier for students to print documents and pictures easily.

There are various portable printers available on the market that are affordable making it easy for the student to quickly print documents and pictures.

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Other gadgets students need for online classes.

HP Pen

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The smartpen lets you draw and write on your PC while converting your handwriting into text. With the HP Pen you can also erase the drawing or text in supported applications on your PC. This smart pen will take your performance and productivity to the next level.

Bluetooth Alarm clock radio and color changing speaker.

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iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock is here to help you to get up and join your classes! If you have problems leaving the bed in the mornings, you’ll be glad to know that this clock comes with an FM radio to raise your mood. It also plays music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, and NPR. You can also answer and end calls with it. 

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook.


Forget traditional notebooks, now you have a smart notebook that can sync with the cloud! Thanks to this environment-friendly notebook, you don’t waste paper. It can be used constantly by wiping: just take notes and sync with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or Slack.

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