Telegram latest update unveils unlimited live streams viewers

Telegram latest update might as well be the biggest the platform has released this year with features that will keep even more users hooked to the app. Early this year, the social messaging platform hit a major milestone of 500 million active users daily.

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The platform has since worked tirelessly to deliver amazing features through its application. The latest version 8.0 on iOS and Android allows live streams to be watched by an unlimited number of viewers.

Other new features include more options when forwarding messages, a shortcut to switch between channels, options to remove captions from media and hide sender names when forwarding, an easy way to jump to the next unread channel without going back to your chat list, and improved sticker panel, new animated emoji and more.

Unlimited live stream viewers

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Up from the previous limit of 1000 viewers for group video calls, the Telegram app has now unveiled an upgrade to an unlimited number of viewers allowing users to have as big of an audience as they need to. This feature could turn Telegram into a fully-fledged social media platform as well as a full-on mobile live streaming platform.

You can start a live stream in a channel or a video chat in a group and invite as many viewers to join your broadcast.

Flexible forwarding

Another feature that might pique your interest is flexible forwarding which as Telegram says has become “a much more relaxing experience”. Now users can make custom changes to forwarded messages.

When you tap the ‘Forward Message’ label above the message bar, it will show what the messages will look when they are sent – along with several customization options.

You can choose to hide the sender’s name or hide captions on media messages. You can also deselect messages you don’t want to send or change the recipient if you tapped the wrong chat. This should surely make the message forwarding experience even more convenient.

To keep up with content from different channels, you can now scroll through our favourite channels without going back to your chat list. Scrolling to the bottom of a text channel now includes a new option to quickly swipe up to jump to the next unread channel.

Trending Stickers

Trending Stickers are now shown above ‘Recently Used’ in your sticker panel. Tap ‘Add’ to save a pack for the future — the trending sticker section is one of the few things in this world that gets updated more often than the Telegram apps.

When you scroll through your packs at the top of the panel, the thumbnails expand and show the names of your sticker packs.

Other interface tweaks include a new “choosing a sticker” status in chats, and an unread messages counter in comment threads.

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