Week 35: Top documentaries to add to your watchlist

Looking for something captivating to watch, these documentaries will deliver all that and much more. With fascinating stories from all over the world, these top documentaries tell the real-life stories of different people living in different situations. Here, we list a few to take you through the weekend.

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A list of the top documentaries to watch

The Gangs who Trade in People —DW Documentary

For years, Vietnamese children and teenagers have been disappearing in Germany. Those responsible are unscrupulous human traffickers whose networks span continents. The young Vietnamese are smuggled into Germany via Russia and Eastern Europe. Many end up in the world of crime, working as slaves for the Vietnamese mafia. This film tells their story.

One high-ranking investigator describes the phenomenon as “modern slavery”. This is how many children and young people are brought from Vietnam to Germany: They are crammed into vans, loaded into refrigerated trucks, on the road for months, held along the way in abandoned warehouses or apartments. They are beaten, raped, exploited, they fear for their lives.

They are lured by the prospect of a better life, as promised to their families by the criminals. Berlin is one of the most important hubs for Vietnamese human trafficking. The journey to a cynically promised better life costs $15,000 to $20,000 dollars, which the victims have to pay off working in nail salons, as cigarette sellers, drug mules or on illegal cannabis farms. The traffickers decide when the debt is paid, leaving the victims at their mercy for years. It’s a business worth millions.

Inside Saudi Arabia: The Fall of The Crown Prince —Real Stories

After the murder of Khashoggi, the question is what will happen with the reforms. Is the support for Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman crumbling? We travel to the rarely covered conservative South, on the border with Yemen, where the population’s resistance to change is the fiercest.

Saudi Arabia is well known across the world for its wealth, strict faith and oppression, but while Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has decreed that it wants to reform, the world is startled by the murder of journalist Khashoggi and other human rights violations. We follow the developments from the inside, through the eyes of the inhabitants themselves. Are they just empty promises or is Saudi Arabia actually able to change?

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I Sleep in a Graveyard: Illegal Immigrant & Proud —Only Human

Every day, hundreds of immigrants risk a potentially fatal journey in order to enter the UK illegally. This documentary follows some of the 800,000 illegal immigrants who have settled in the UK.

World’s Toughest Jobs —Free Documentary

Some of the toughest jobs listed in this documentary include; Cleaning an industrial plant, Diamond & Gold Mine At 00:00, Industrial power plant cleaning. Here is evidence that cleaning might not be as boring and annoying like you think.

At 09:26, we see the largest diamond mine in the world. Diamonds are the most coveted stones worldwide and have been mined for decades. Galileo visits the largest diamond mine in the world – in Siberia.

At 25:34, Gold Digger Gamble: 30 days without pay. Here the documentary uncovers the reality of working an entire month with no pay. These men work 30 days straight in a gold mine under the harshest conditions, without pay. But on the 31st day, they are allowed to keep everything they find.

World’s deadliest roads

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