Tubayo travel: The startup’s incredible rise to the top

Founded in 2018, Tubayo travel, a Ugandan company operating under the Tourism and Hospitality industry has taken the lead with its great experiences and access rates that have captured both the local and foreign market.

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Travel in Uganda has been perceived as a luxury for foreigners and a certain social class. From its inception, Tubayo’s main goal has been to change this narrative and expand African involvement in the growth of this industry by contextualising tourism and travel to suit the Ugandan and consequently the African audience.

Tubayo travel
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To achieve this, Tubayo provides experiences for as low as $3 (UGX 10,600). This appeals to the customer base as they are availed with as many options to choose from. Through using Tubayo, travellers have access to almost 350 fully furnished ready-to-live-in to stay accommodation spaces across the country ranging from an entire home, an apartment or a room in someone’s home, to even a treehouse.

Tubayo is located in more than 20 cities and 10 countries in Africa.

Tubayo uses its main products to further attain this goal;

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  • Tubayo Experience: People get to list and host experiences they are passionate about and share them with guests. The experiences are cheap and easily accessible to guests while hosts get to earn from it.
  • Tubayo Homes: Home based lodgings for relaxation and getaways. The homes are listed by various hosts creating a variety of locations to cater for accessibility and preference for the guests.
  • Tailored Trips: The clients get to share what their ideal trip is and Tubayo through its hosts organise handle the execution from transportation, accommodation and activities.

With only 2 years in operation, Tubayo can confidently state that the value they are creating for the Ugandan and African market in the Tourism industry is vast through its products.

What Tubayo travel has accomplished so far

These are a few of the achievements that Tubayo has been able to accomplish while working towards its goal.

  • Tubayo’s affordable and quality services have increased tour and travel access for its users.
  • A good number of local tour and travel destinations have been discovered in Tubayo’s travel trends which has exposed them to more potential markets.
  • Tubayo has supported local businesses from its recognition of the role that the business sector plays in the development and sustainability of the Tourism and Hospitality industry.
  • Tubayo has created revenue-generation streams for hosts of homes and experiences to earn from. In addition to this, hosts are trained in managing their listings and are given access to individualised dashboards to track their bookings and earnings for accountability.

Tubayo’s advancements are evinced by online website reviews. Here are some of the few reviews from clients’ interactions with the company.

  • Nicholas Bonny

I got most of my adventure activities from Tubayo. It’s amazing with lots of experiences in East Africa. I love their hospitality and the company to travel with on any trip. I really can’t do enough trips with Tubayo and I keep wanting more and more.

  • Timothy Kasumba

I went on a boat cruise with these guys and I had the time of my life. They give great value for money and have great customer service!!!

  • Sheila Abaho

Awesome work your doing

  • Ahereza Stecia

Beautiful. I love everything

The success at Tubayo is affiliated with a number of contributors that they acknowledge.

  • At Tubayo we provide cheaper tour and travel options for our guests in the experiences and homes.
  • Tubayo products are easy to access and use. For one to book or host any of the products, we have a readily available website and mobile application for your needs.
  • We offer a variety in our products for guests to choose from which has made it more convenient for them to rely on us for their particular needs.
  • Our clients enjoy the convenience of a transportation amenity for their trips. The Tubayo shuttle covers movements for the trips.
  • Tubayo offers 24/7 customer service for travel inquiries and bookings.
  • Opportunities are given to people to earn from Ugandan tourism as hosts with Tubayo which is a unique feature.

You can download the Tubayo app via the App Store and Google PlayStore.

Thinking of joining the team at Tubayo?

Tubayo is centrally passion-driven. Beyond a few necessary academic qualifications to handle some of the company’s functionalities, anyone can join Tubayo.

What is taken into consideration is the quality of the contribution that one is initially looking to add to the company. Tubayo offers a safe environment for its team to grow its passions, talents and explore various fields for flexibility and effectiveness.

To be a part of the Tubayo movement, simply reach out on the contact information shared below.

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