Twitter is working on exciting updates for the future

You might want to keep on the lookout for Twitter’s latest updates in the coming months as the platform works to ensure that users get the best experience. Twitter is working on exciting updates for the future as there have been hints in the past about upcoming changes via the app which has become a great news source worldwide.

At the beginning of this year, Twitter shared news about a number of future updates that it was working on to make the user experience on the platform better. Among these planned updates was the possibility of a premium feature where Twitter users will have to sacrifice a small charge to follow exclusive content from other users on the app.

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A possible subscription service is underway as Twitter is working on exciting updates

It looks like this update is underway as Twitter announced on Tuesday 4th May 2021 that it was acquiring Scroll, a service that removes ads from news sites for a monthly fee. Scroll will be integrated into a subscription service Twitter intends to launch in the future. 

Twitter plays a huge role as a main centre for journalism in the digital world. Aware of this responsibility, Twitter is working on exciting updates to allow users to access news without any trouble from ads. The ability to scroll through the app without disturbances from ads will be combined with the Super Follow feature that Twitter announced in February.

The Super Follow feature allows popular accounts on the app to monetize their tweets where users have to pay to access their content that Twitter terms as exclusive. Popular content creators on Twitter will soon earn money from content they add to the site. Super Follows can also be a helpful feature for newspapers, journalists, and reporters.

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Twitter crop is gone

Twitter is working on exciting updates and one of these is getting rid of Twitter crop. Forget about the days where you could not view a full picture because it was cropped. Leaving you with only one option and that is to open an entire tweet just to know what the picture is about.

It announced this yesterday in a tweet where it said, “Introducing bigger and better images on iOS and Android, now available to everyone.” Now, when you scroll through the app, Twitter allows you to view the entire picture.

This is exciting news for users as it allows them to just keep scrolling without necessarily opening a tweet just to get the full view of the picture. Twitter further explained that images with an aspect ratio of 2:1 and 3:4 will show in full while you scroll.

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