Uganda Cybersecurity Report Launch 2019/2020

Many Ugandans have adopted technology at a high rate in recent years. The massive adoption of technology especially social media in Uganda has made the state of cyber security in Uganda worrying since many threats have cropped up in the recent years. There is need for an analysis on the current state of cyber security to ensure that internet users and their data can be protected.

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This analysis will be addressed in the Uganda Cybersecurity Report Launch in an event next week that will take place on February 10th 2021.

The event will take place for two hours.

The agenda for the event will be as follows:

First, there will be a review of findings from the 2019/2020 Uganda Cybersecurity Report Launch.

A Keynote Speech from the keynote speaker.

The panel discussion will be about Data Protection Strategies.

A panel discussion about Cybersecurity strategies post COVID-19.

Some of the featured presenters for the Uganda cybersecurity Report Launch will be;

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The presenters for the event.

Mr. Emmanuel Chagara, CEO of Milima Security.

William Makatiani, the Managing Director at Serianu Limited.

Mr. Makatiani is the CEO of Serianu Limited, a Pan African Cyber Security consulting firm with presence in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mauritius, Botswana and Nigeria.

Joseph Mathenge, COO Serianu Ltd

Christopher Ahimbisibwe, Manager IT Risk and Investigations

Everyone is eligible to attend the event for free and can use this link to register for a spot

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