Easy ways to contact the UMEME customer care number

Are you facing a power shutdown or just need to make a complaint about something regarding electricity? Well, Uganda’s main electricity distribution company lets you get the assistance you need through the UMEME customer care number.

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By dialling the toll-free UMEME customer care number, 0800385385/0800285285 one is connected to an agent that they speak to ensuring that the customer gets the help they seek. However, this is not the only way to get customer care.

You can also dial 0312360600 (Paid). For Instant replies, use the customer Chat tab in the UMEME App or reach out on the UMEME WhatsApp number 0772285285

UMEME mobile app

By downloading the UMEME mobile app via Google Play or the App Store, you can chat with the customer care bot to make reports, inquiries or queries. But this is not all the UMEME mobile app is good for. The app is a great portal where customers get self-service.

Getting an electricity connection has never been easier. Now with the app, all you need to do is set up your account if you don’t have one or just sign in if you already have one. Then proceed with these easy steps.

  1. Apply Online. Pay inspection fees through our payment channels (Mobile money & banks)
  2. Upon payment of inspection fees, our team will visit you for inspection of premises within 2 days
  3. Upon successful inspection, you will pay connection fees and a meter will be installed within 10-15 days upon receipt of payment by Umeme

To know how much to pay for inspection fees, go to: https://www.umeme.co.ug/what-you-need-to-get-connected

Connection requirements

Copy of national ID or passport or driving license

Wiring certificate

Wayleave- permission from landowners through which the line will pass (if applicable)

Company seal and certificate of incorporation (for companies)

Trading license for sole proprietorships

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With the UMEME mobile app, you can also be aware of shutdowns that are either planned or ongoing. This helps customers plan better since they are aware of the situation.

Yaka is Umeme’s prepaid electricity service that allows customers to pay for their electricity through Yaka tokens. Sometimes, customers don’t receive their tokens immediately yet that is when they need the electricity the most.

How to retrieve lost Yaka tokens

To retrieve lost tokens, follow these steps using MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money and the UMEME app.

MTN Mobile money

Dial *165# (Mobile Money Menu)

Select Utilities

Under Yaka, choose the ‘Get last Token’ option.

Airtel Money

Dial *185#.

Choose option 4, Pay Bill.

Select option 1, Umeme TouchPay.

Opt for Token Inquiry which is option 4.

Enter Airtel Money Transaction ID.

Confirm with Airtel Money PIN.

NOTE: You need Airtel Money transaction ID to receive recent Yaka token. Just check your Airtel Money messages. If you deleted them, this is how you can check Airtel Money transaction ID.

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Through the UMEME mobile app, one can;

Simply go to the Yaka tokens tab

Fill in their account number/Yaka meter number.

A list of the most recent Yaka tokens will be displayed according to date and units.

In case you want to check the breakdown of the prices, simply tap the dropdown.

You can also make payments via the app by going to the Make Payments tab on the app’s dashboard with the various options.

Identifying service centres closest to you is also easier. At the bottom, you can see ‘Centres’ which shows various centres in different locations where people can access various services.

You can also go to customer chat to make a report, inquiry and more.

The app comes with a bonus too offering tips on how to save electricity consumption with various appliances like computers, washing machines, fridges etc.

The app not only creates convenience but saves time wasted usually spent at UMEME service centres as people try to access various services. It also allows people to experience self-service with everything they need at their fingertips.

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