Great news as users can now stream from Spotify through Facebook

Facebook is teaming up with Spotify to create means for users to listen to songs via the streaming service through the messaging app. Users can now stream from Spotify through Facebook as the company announced last week that it will expand on its working relationship with Spotify. This will provide a new way of listening to music or podcasts directly within the Facebook app, known as Project Boombox.

Facebook works tirelessly to unveil the latest features ensuring its users are on the app nonstop. The company has partnered with Spotify, a popular streaming service to offer a mini player for the News Feed that will allow you to play music and podcasts from within Facebook.

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How users will stream from Spotify through Facebook

This new partnership that lets users stream from Spotify through Facebook will unveil this great new feature that will be available on iOS and Android. You can share audio content from Spotify to Facebook, and you can press and listen to play on Facebook even during scrolling.

The feature will be available in the United States and 27 other markets which include Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Uruguay.

Now when users stream from Spotify through Facebook, the content they hear and would like to share on Facebook, they can tap the existing “Share” menu and tap the “Facebook” or “Facebook Newsfeed” menu (three-point menu in the top right corner of the screens). The mini player itself is an extension of the social sharing functionality already available in Spotify’s app.

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When a user posts a single track or podcast episode to Facebook using this sharing feature, the post will now display in a new miniplayer, allowing other people who come across their post to play the content as they scroll or reshare it.

Spotify’s paid subscribers will have access to full playback, according to the company. Meanwhile, free users will be able to stream Spotify through Facebook as they hear the entire shared track, not just a clip. They will, however, continue to listen to ad-supported content in Shuffle mode, as they would in Spotify’s own app.

Spotify notes that it’s not possible to sign up for a paid account through the mini-player experience itself, so there’s no revenue share with Facebook on new subscriptions. Users have to go to Spotify and pay for subscriptions accordingly if they want to stream Spotify through Facebook.

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