We reveal why your old Samsung phone is still very useful.

If you have an old Samsung phone that you haven’t used in a while, it might actually come in handy after all. Samsung announced a new program during its CES (Consumer Exhibition Show) 2021 event where it has come up with a way to reuse abandoned old Samsung phones.

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The program “Galaxy Upcycling” was first announced way back in 2017. The tech giant has announced an addition to it called “Galaxy Upcycling at Home”. Through the company’s new program, users will have the ability to recycle their old phones to serve a completely new purpose from the one that they were used before.

The aim of this program is for Samsung to find new purposes for abandoned phones as a way to reduce its contribution to e-waste in the environment.

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How Upcycling at home works.

Your old Samsung phone will simply get a software update. The new software update then allows it to be used for purposes within the home.

Some of the new purposes your old Samsung phone will be used for include:

  • Acting like a baby monitor. The phone will be able to detect a crying baby and alert the parents.
  • Pet care solution for example like turning on the lights when its dark and your pet is home alone.
  • Also for security purposes.

However, the “Upcycling at home” features are not yet available right now and the company has not yet announced when they will be and what phones will be eligible. This is a great move by the company as it works on reducing environmental waste while finding new and great purposes that benefit people.

The launch of the “Upcycling at home” program took place during Samsung’s CES 2021 event where it unveiled its newest products this year like TVs and refrigerators. The event that took place in a virtual press conference showed the company’s latest innovations towards creating solutions that are flexible.

A visual of the Upcycling program.

Users shouldn’t get too excited though since Samsung didn’t mention whether the program would even start this year. It is however something to look towards in the future since it would breathe life into many of the old abandoned devices people have lying around. Another cause of excitement is if there will be more purposes added to these devices through this software update.

Hopefully, when the program finally launches, it’s convenient and user friendly.

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