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The 4Revs Innovation Challenge has been launched as a global open innovation call to identify start-ups that are already creating a path for the revolutions humankind needs to survive.

4Revs is a unique, co-creative ecosystem that aims to help humanity solve these four survival challenges in one generation – between 2020-2050. We have partnered with corporations, social ventures, sustainability practitioners and entrepreneurs, educators, public and civil organizations, and creative minds on all six continents to inspire and implement next-generation initiatives in each of the 4Revs.

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Have you ever thought of solving humanity and earth’s problems through innovation? The current social and economic system is dysfunctional and deepens four essential survival challenges we face:

  • Food – Is your start-up working to provide food, and reduce food waste, to support the population on Earth? Do you have a solution in the market on how to conduct agriculture sustainably to produce healthy food and protect both humans and our global ecosystems as a whole?
  • Water – Do you have a company that improves access to water, works for the care of this resource and the ecosystems that guarantee its existence?
  • Resources – Do you have a solution that uses circular economic and social systems to minimize waste and pollution of the Earth’s ecosystems? or Is your company working to avoid deterioration of ecosystems?
  • Climate change/energy – Is your start-up working to contribute to minimize climate change? Is you start-up working to secure sufficient energy supply for a growing population without compromising human health or contributing to severe climate change?

Clearing these four bottlenecks will require revolutionary innovation – and will provide a treasure trove of new opportunities.

Who can participate in the 4Revs innovation challenge?

If your start-up is already in the market and contributes to at least one of the 4 Revolutions in an innovative way, do not hesitate to participate! You can be anywhere in the world, but make sure you meet these requirements:

  • The solution must be in the market.
  • The person responsible for the application process must be over 18 years old by July 6, 2021, and the owner of the solution.
  • The start-up must sell more than USD $50.000 per year on average.

Why participate?

50 finalists will receive:

Access to the 4 Revs platform where their start-up will be presented as a case study for the 4 Revs community to consult and have the possibility to contact them if they are interested in working with them in some way.

Entering this platform also allows startups to connect to this community, have access to the other cases, discussion groups, and be able to contact the companies that are part of 4 Revs (Salesforce, Tokyo Gas, Toshiba, Nec, Panasonic, Marubeni, Mizuho, Askul, Amita, Epson, Kao, Gakken, Kyocera, Sapporo, Suntory, JST, Daiken, Tel, Teijin, Toyota Tsusho, Nikken, Unisys, Brother, Marelli, Mauri Group, Meiji, Mitsubishi, Lion).

For the 8 winners:

– They will participate in a business round with the 4 Revs companies, space where each startup will meet for 20 minutes with a delegate from each company to discuss business opportunities.

– They will also have a one-on-one work session with three investment funds: Village Capital, Yunus SB and NEsST to determine their investment readiness.

How long it will last

4Revs will last 17 weeks (July 6th – October 28th, 2021). The timing of the different stages will be communicated on its own digital platform. Non-compliance with the deadlines by the participants will imply the exclusion of the process from that date.

Go to this link to apply:

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