AfriLabs expands community to 292 tech hubs

AfriLabs, a network of technological innovation hubs on the continent made some new additions to its network with 24 new members including Uganda’s Techbuzz Hub, extending its reach to seven new cities. The hub network believes in supporting the expansion of these hubs and their communities in order to create high-potential entrepreneurs who will promote Africa’s economic growth and social development.

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AfriLabs is trying to achieve its goal of creating a robust African innovation economy. “As we get closer to our goal of building a thriving innovation economy in Africa, it gives us great pleasure that we have been able to gain entrance into seven cities and grow the community to 292 hubs and we are super excited for the endless opportunities these new additions will bring,” said Kenechukwu Chukwu, member services manager at AfriLabs.

Founded in 2011, AfriLabs is building a community around rapidly emerging tech hubs―innovation spaces that serve as meeting points and communities for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Supporting tech hubs is crucial as the startup ecosystem is growing at a fast rate with new and diverse technologies.

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Tech hubs in Africa

The startup ecosystem in Africa is one of the most promising, with funding rates for companies increasing every year as a result of different factors. Even while the ecosystem is promising, putting a greater emphasis on community-based effort would generate better outcomes, which is why these tech hubs are so important.

Tech hubs are simply a space or region where a high density of startup companies cluster together and become part of the economic infrastructure of the community.

Africa has more than 600 tech hubs and rising, ranging from incubators and accelerators to co-working sites. All these gather innovators in their respective countries, ready to bring ideas from concept to reality. Tech hubs educate and encourage new talent and ways of thinking; they provide a space where high-tech business growth can be accelerated and in turn, bring prosperity to the community.

In Uganda, the leading tech hubs are organised under Startup Uganda. There are over 16 tech incubation hubs, including The Innovation Village, Outbox Hub, Hive Colab, Design Hub, Makerere Innovation and Incubation, The Tribe, among others.

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