Electric boda bodas in Uganda slowly dominate the local market

Uganda’s transportation sector is hitting milestones and is going green with e-Bodas (electric Boda bodas). E-bodas are electric motorcycles unlike the usual petrol-driven ones, these are powered by electric motors and are now operating on Uganda’s roads. Electric boda bodas in Uganda were introduced to the public last year and are now making news under a new initiative that increases awareness about green technologies

New project to elevate electric boda bodas in Uganda

A new project directed by the Uganda Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the International Energy Agency in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development is working towards helping Uganda transition to electric mobility and raising awareness of green technologies.

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The proposed budget for this project is about 31.5 million euros (Shs139.3 billion) and seeks to support 17 developing countries in their transition to electric mobility.

There are currently two domestic companies that manufacture the environmentally friendly motorcycles or e-bodas. The two companies are Zembo and Bodawerk. Zembo imports electric motorbikes from China and is building a network of charging stations with solar power. Bodawerk on the other hand transforms the traditional motorcycles into electric bikes by integrating electric motors.

Bodawerk is a start-up company that is centred around creating solutions and improvements towards Uganda’s main form of transportation by encouraging the use of electric boda bodas in Uganda. The company aims at guiding Uganda towards embracing electric mobility, a phenomenon that hasn’t picked up yet in the country. According to DW, only 10% of the vehicles on Uganda’s roads are electric.

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Zembo is a company that imports electric motorcyles that run on a high capacity battery with lithium technology and offers them to boda-boda drivers. The company also has a network of solar stations where the batteries can be charged from. Zembo is taking over the local market and has partnered with riders from e-hailing company Safeboda.

Electric mobility has become popular in different parts of the world because of several advantages the best of all being that it is environmentally friendly since there are no emissions of harmful gases into the environment. This will improve air quality in Uganda. Another one of its advantages is that with electric boda bodas in Uganda, maintenance and usage fees become very cheap. Well, these modes of transportation do not need to be fuelled every now and then. All they require is you charge the battery which takes a very short time while the battery could last up to 3 days before it requires a recharge.

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