Hootsuite is easing digital marketing and management.

Social media managing apps are helping many users with busy schedules save a fortune as they manage their social accounts and HOOTSUITE is one of the world’s favourites. Before media managing apps came on board, users who had less or no time to run their social media accounts would hire someone to do it on their behalf and this came with an extra financial burden.


HOOTSUITE is a social media managing tool that is linked to social accounts such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter letting you have the luxury of leisure as you still get to interact with your customers or followers. Hootsuite comes with a free trial and to access the premium one is required to pay a subscription.

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One has to connect to the dashboard and link their social media accounts, authorize them and then HOOTSUITE will do the rest for you whenever you schedule posts. It helps you plan and schedule with workmates how to run a media site and all this data is accessible in a single dashboard.

Other alternatives that work as HOOTSUITE include zoho, meetedgar, loomly, taliwind for Pinterest.

Tweetdeck is a free social media managing app that is only available for Twitter users.

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