How hashtags can help you reach more people via social media

You might have noticed on various social media platforms the use of hashtags. Let’s take a look at how hashtags can help you reach more people via social media. A business or entity sends out a Tweet or an Instagram post that connects to a piece of content, followed by a number of hashtags. However, you might not realize the impact this has unless you do it in a smart way.

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Digital advertisers and social network administrators will profit from hashtag marketing’s expanded audience and knowledge. To know how hashtags can help you reach more people via social media you need to understand why they work with users and exploit that opportunity.

Twitter was the first social media platform to launch hashtags which soon became a widespread trend. The hashtag feature is successful and has been embraced by other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, making it a critical feature in the field of social marketing.

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How hashtags can help you reach more people

Here is how hashtags can help you reach more people. First of all, they help users (target audience) in a few key ways:

  • Content Tagging. The original purpose hashtags were created for. The most common use of hashtags is still for the use of signalling content categories and topics. It helps to make topics easier for users to find.
  • Community. Hashtags have become so large that communities pop up around their use. If you were to search for #InternationalWomen’sDay, you’d likely see people making conversations around the topic on Twitter and on any other popular social networks.
  • Events. Any large event can be searched for and discussed using specific hashtags on social networks. The #AFCON hashtag is a great place to see discussions during the big game. In a Business 2 Business sense, industry awards ceremonies and conferences are great examples of events that have hashtags pop up around them.
  • Conversational hashtags. Ever see a hashtag around a specific topic for a more in-depth conversation. You see it all the time on Twitter, where discussions arise around topics that influencers push to their audience.

It is important to note that smart hashtag usage isn’t about spamming as many hashtags as you can into each update. After understanding how hashtags can help you reach more people, you can then use smart ways to get your social media updates in front of your ideal audience.

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