Twitter spaces: The lockdown’s latest fresh wave

7 pm many are done with the day’s work also what you could call prime time as people scroll through Twitter finding a space to join. The popularity of the Twitter spaces grew after it piqued people’s interests a few weeks after the lockdown. The majority of the spaces are hosted in the evenings as has become the norm.

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This audio feature was launched in November 2020 but was only available to a few beta users then. In March this year, Twitter Spaces were officially made available to everyone. But just like many new things, the feature was off to a slow start with few to no spaces happening.

However after the lockdown was imposed, one can get to experience at least more than one space every evening. These spaces have become one of the most effective ways for people to interact. As we all know, spoken messages are easier to interpret.

Communication is perceived easily as you can pick up aspects like someone’s tone which helps you understand the message they are trying to send.

Initially, hosting for Twitter spaces was exclusive to iOS users, but twitter spaces for Android users can allow them to host too. It is however impossible to start a space via the web app.

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What topics do people address on Twitter spaces?

There is really no limit to what you can talk about. For now, no topic is out of bounds for the application. From mentorship programs to just people chatting, everything is a go on the spaces.

The spaces could also be seen as the best and easiest way to get a huge audience for a topic that you are interested in sharing with other people. With the spaces, people share views and ideas on a variety of topics.

One of the spaces that has really captured many people’s attention is the #40DayMentor Twitter space that is held every day at 7:00 pm hosted by former Vision Group CEO, Robert Kabushenga. The space is one of the most visited providing an insight into different topics with different speakers who share their knowledge and views with the listeners.

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Better yet, people can still catch up with the space after it has ended as the conversations are transcribed and uploaded on David Kangye’s website via for people to read. Spaces podcasts is a Twitter handle where people can find links to the spaces and listen to them after they have ended.


Just like the familiar ‘can you hear me’ that people experience via zoom calls, this seems to be a challenge on the Twitter spaces too. With poor internet connectivity, a speaker may not be heard by others during the process of communicating. According to some people, switching on their VPNs helped to solve this problem and made the network more stable.

And Clubhouse?

Are the twitter spaces the end of the Clubhouse wave? It’s too early to come to this conclusion but the Twitter Spaces are doing well so far. One could say a lot of Clubhouse’s exclusive features could have led to its demise. The fact that the application started out on an invite-only basis and was only available to iOS users for some time until recently when the app was made available to Android users too.

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It could be a response to the ongoing competition or coincidental planning but the audio-only social media platform is also making some changes like the recent messages feature it introduced where people can text each other. The app has also finally removed its invite-only feature after a year of its existence. Clubhouse links are now open to everyone who would like to listen.

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