How to access Rocket health’s services with USSD code *280#

Rocket Health Announcement

Rocket Health launched the USSD code *280# in a press conference that was held on 5th May 2021. In this article, we shall go through a number of steps on how to access Rocket Health’s services with USSD code *280#. The great new innovation was unveiled to the public and will ensure that access to health services from Rocket Health is even easier.

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Simple steps on how to access Rocket Health’s services with USSD code *280#

This USSD code will increase health care access as it eliminates the burden of having to access the internet which is difficult for many Ugandans citing high data charges and poor network. Here is the process on how to access Rocket Health’s services through USSD code *280#

The first step on how to access Rocket Health’s services with USSD code *280# is to dial the code using a mobile device that is a tablet, smartphone or feature phone (button phone).

Dial the code *280# using MTN and Airtel networks as they are the ones currently supporting this service.

After you dial, you will be availed with a menu of services for you to choose from. Below are the services you can find on the menu.

Screenshot 20210506 134709
  • Doctor consultation
  • Pharmacy services 
  • Laboratory services 
  • Subscriptions

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Phone Doctor Consultations: For every client who needs to get medical advice from a trained and licensed medical doctor, your simplest and quickest pathway is *280#.

With only 10,000 shillings, you can have a phone consultation with the Doctors at Rocket Health and pay using mobile money.

Laboratory and Pharmacy Services: When you dial *280# and choose the laboratory or pharmacy service option, you will be able to make payments, request a call-back and order for laboratory tests or items from the pharmacy respectively. Our technicians will then deliver the services to your preferred location.

Clinic Appointments: By dialling *280#, you will easily schedule appointments at the Rocket Health Clinic to see a general doctor, specialist or request a vaccine. Our specialist services include Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Physician Services and more.

Subscription Services: Through the short-code, you can conveniently sign up for Rocket Health annual subscription plans and register yourself or a loved one for the Chronic Care Management Program (Chronic conditions include diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, arthritis and more). These services allow registered members to enjoy discounts on all Rocket Health services and the freedom that comes with monthly medicine deliveries and reminders for routine laboratory tests and reviews with a specialist.

After you choose the service you would like to access, continue to follow the prompts accordingly.

To make payments after choosing a service, the payment options to choose from are; mobile money or insurance.

Screenshot 20210506 135001

The process on how to access Rocket Health’s services with USSD code *280# is quite simple and quick. An added advantage is that it does not require any internet connection which makes it convenient.

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