Simple steps on how to obtain a Uganda driving license while abroad – the conversion process

You may have visited nearby Kenya and plan to return to Uganda shortly, and you need your driver’s license right away. The only problem is that you are on that side of the country, and the process of how to obtain a Uganda driving license while abroad appears to be impossible.

We discovered that it might not be possible to complete the process on how to obtain a Uganda driving license while abroad since some steps require your physical presence. However, you can get a driving permit in whatever country you are in and apply to convert it to a Ugandan permit in Uganda.

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Here is how to obtain a Uganda driving license while abroad through the conversion process

5 years330,000
3 years230,000
1 year135,000
The validity for a permit and the price

The mandatory documents you will need for this process on how to convert a foreign license to a Uganda driving license;

  1. Proof of Payment (Payment Registration Number)
  2. Original Passport
  3. Original licence(From your country of Origin)
  4. Duly filled medical form
  5. If your licence is not in English, Translation from embassy/Makerere School of Languages
  6. Work permit (Valid for more the 6 months)
  7. CLO (Chief Licensing Officer) letter
  8. For students, a Student Visa and a letter from the school of admission
  9. If applicable, Dependant pass for spouses and children

Go to this LINK to fill in the application form.

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Steps on how to convert a foreign license to a Uganda driving license

1) Pick up the application form [this form is not for sale] from any of the Banks or download it from the UDLS website.
2) Go to URA Portal to generate a Foreign Exchange assessment form.
3) Go to the bank (of your choice) and pay the appropriate fee (UGX 330,000/UGX 230,000/UGX 135,000) to the URA account (the bank will provide the account number) or your prefered Mobile money service, Airtel Money/MTN Mobile Money.
4) Go to a UDLS Office with the bank receipt [of (iv) above], together with your existing licence (the one you want to exchange, in case you lost it, please go to the procedure for Duplicate). If your licence is not in English, come with a translation from Makerere University, School of languages or your Embassy/Consulate.
5) UDLS will capture your Biometric features.
6) UDLS will issue the New licence.

How to obtain an assessment form

  1. Go to your browser, search for the URA website
  2. When on the URA website, click on eServices
  3. On the eServices page, under Payments, click on Payment Registration
  4. On the Payment registration page, select NTR under the Tax Head section and fill in the Taxpayer Details
  5. Select your preferred NTR head under the Details of NTR section.
  6. At the bottom, select your preferred payment option.
  7. When you are done with filling the form, click accept and register.
  8. Download and print the form. After this, you can make a payment in any bank, mobile money or PayWay

Go to this link for more details on how to generate an assessment form:

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