Raxio hosts peer fest as it opens new IXP home for ISPs.

Raxio data centre partnered with Uganda Internet Exchange Point (UiXP) to host a peer fest in commemoration of its milestone achievement of becoming the new content-sharing home for internet service providers in Uganda.

The internet exchange point, according to James Byaruhanga the Managing director at Raxio, is intended to keep content local.

Raxio currently has 20 peers and it looks forward to having at least 100 peers by the start of next year. Private and public entities will be able to join and share content at Raxio’s IXP.

Google will be the first network to connect to Raxio’s Namanve based internet exchange point. Kyle Spencer (Director UIXP) believes with this google traffic will become cheap and accessible to Ugandan service providers.

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Previously, internet networks had to connect to google through Mombasa; but with the internet exchange point at Raxio, they will now connect to Google without having to migrate content past border point.

With internet traffic being controlled locally at Raxio, the internet will become more affordable. Though for this to come to pass, the internet traffic must go through a government sieve. Kyle Spencer says as UIXP, they have played their part in making the internet affordable and it’s now upon the government to do the same by cutting internet user fees.

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Raxio’s peer fest.

The peer fest held on October 22nd at the lab, Mbuya was intended to celebrate Raxio’s remarkable achievement of becoming the new internet exchange point for Ugandan internet service providers.

The event was graced by a number of peers and among these was Irene Sewankambo the executive director at Uganda Communications Commission.

The peer fest will be an annual event that brings together Raxio’s partners to celebrate and network as they toast to a glass of beer.

Why Raxio is opting for a peer fest.

James Byaruhanga the MD Raxio believes there is a need for partners to come together and network in a physically vibrant surrounding thus the peer fest.

raxio peer fest
James Byaruhanga (right) at peer fest

Raxio’s data centre.

The recently launched tier III neutral-carrier data centre located along key fibre routes will help institutions with technological glitches boost their IT capacity. This will be a data traffic exchange point that will halt its exportation.

The data centre built at Namanve industrial centre could be the start to making data cheaper and affordable.

What is Uganda Internet exchange point (UiXP)?

UiXP is a neutral initiative of the local Internet community in Uganda. The twenty-year-old internet exchange point allows networks to interconnect and freely exchange data traffic at one centre common point between all interested parties.

How to join UiXP.

  • One has to get an Autonomous System Number (ASN) and Public IP address space from AFRINIC or another Regional Internet Registry (RIR).
  • Send UIXP an introductory message through its online contact form which includes your ASN and other basic data about your organization as well as services you wish to get from UIXP.
  • Review and submit a signed copy of UIXP’s Participation Agreement along with a Service Order Form.
  • Meet with UIXP to tour the facility and discuss deployment plans.
  • Submit payment and extend your network to uixp facility either via fibre or a wireless radio link.
  • Connect your network equipment to uixp’s switching equipment using the specific port and IPv4/6 addresses FROM uixp.
  • Optionally configure an IPv4 and IPv6 BGP session with UIXP route servers and work to establish bilateral BGP sessions with other networks at the exchange.

Go to this LINK for more information about joining UiXP.

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