SafeBoda hits 20k riders milestone despite recent challenges


The popular e-hailing platform SafeBoda hits 20k riders milestone in the company which is a record number and significant of its growth since it started. The company that was founded in 2014 by Ricky Rapa Thompson and co-founded by Alastair and Sussock and Maxime Dieudonne changed the face of road transport especially the use of Boda bodas.

It formalized this mode of transport by making it safer for customers by creating a system where riders could be well trained. It has a training academy in Kyebando, Kampala where riders are mentored in different areas like traffic rules, road safety, first aid and financial literacy while empowering them at the same time.

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Safeboda hits 20k riders milestone with great impact for riders and customers. Riders have continued to benefit from the company since it provides a stable source of income by determining standard fares that customers have to pay for using the company’s services. The company has also managed to change the public perception about boda bodas as many perceive most riders to be reckless. The company has since become popular for having respectable riders who follow safety rules and prioritize customer safety.

A review of past achievements as SafeBoda hits 20k riders milestone

The app officially launched on Google Play Store and the App Store in 2017 making it easy for many Ugandans to use the company’s services. The company has experienced exponential growth since then hitting 1 million users in March 2020. It recorded 1 million downloads of the app on Google Play store.

SafeBoda has achieved expansion beyond Uganda’s borders by extending operations to neighboring Kenya in 2018 though operations were halted in November last year amidst the pandemic. The company could not continue to operate as the transportation sector especially for boda bodas was badly hit and the timeline for the sector to recovery wasn’t known.

The bike hailing company now operates fully in Uganda and Nigeria. It currently operates in Ibadan which is Nigeria’s largest city. After the rough week that the company has had with public outrage over the updated terms of use, today it celebrates yet another achievement as SafeBoda hits 20k riders milestone in the company.

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