DFCU online bank gets a revamp with new Trustfactor app

Banking has grown to become easier and safer over the years as financial institutions have made their services accessible online. Eliminating the need for customers to show up at banks and wait for hours in queues waiting to have their needs met.

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People may now transact in more safe and easy ways thanks to the digital age, which even gives them access to their accounts 24/7. And now banks are looking at ways to better this experience for customers with constant improvements. DFCU Bank has introduced trust factor enhancement to its online banking platform, DFCU Quickbanking.

Trust factor is an App that authenticates transactions in real-time. It replaces the one-time password (OTP) and also addresses a number of snags identified by the Bank including delayed and failed delivery of OTPs.

Additionally, Trust factor provides DFCU’s clients with security against Sim Swaps and Phishing attempts which might target their accounts and money.

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The new Trustfactor app will allow customers using the DFCU online bank via QuickOnline, QuickConnect and QuickApp channels to ably authenticate and complete transactions.

Here is how you can activate the Trust factor app

  1. Download the TrustFactor App from Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Activate your account on TrustFactor via the QuickBanking App or Web. (QuickOnline)
  3. Log into QuickBanking through App or Web and do your banking.
  4. Authenticate using trust factor. 
  5. The transaction is completed, and you can proceed to log out.

All activities that used to be conducted by account holders at their branches, which could take up to half a day, are now covered by electronic banking. It was also common for businesses and financial organizations to hire a courier to transport documents to and from their branches. Customers’ and banks’ expectations have shifted dramatically.

With the ever-changing technologies, for banks to succeed in the digital era, they must adapt and seek ways to improve their customers’ experience. By providing more efficiency and speed through constant improvement, they simplify the customers’ lives.

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